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Yet Another Privacy Bill

February 17, 2021

ANA and other leading advertising industry associations have submitted a letter to the leadership of the Hawaii Legislature to oppose HI SB 1009, a sweeping and highly restrictive privacy proposal. If passed, SB 1009 would cause economic harm and seriously hurt consumers’ ability to access products and services and exercise choice in the marketplace. The proposed bill has significant differences compared to other state privacy laws, such as the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA).

This is just another piece in the continuously evolving jigsaw puzzle of privacy regulation at the state level. This balkanization leads to a wide disparity in privacy protection for consumers based solely on geographic location and enormously increased compliance costs for businesses as they struggle to comply with the growing number of state privacy laws. This is made even worse due to the economic conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To solve these extensive issues, ANA and others in the Privacy for America (P4A) coalition have continuously pushed for federal privacy legislation. The framework developed by P4A would preempt state laws and create a national privacy standard that protects consumers and allows the data driven economy to thrive.

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