Analytics & Data Science

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I. The Overdue Transition to Privacy-Preserving Advertising: How identity, tracking, and optimization are changing in the wake of iOS14/15 (11:10 AM -11:50 AM) 

As marketers begin to modify their data marketing and analytics strategies amidst Apple’s transition to iOS15, how impactful are these privacy enhancing measures, what challenges and opportunities emerge while still maintaining the highest level of data privacy standards?  Conversations around the topic are being had daily, and analysts and the data science community are testing and learning quickly to triangulate on a new set of trusted industry norms. What are some of the preliminary takeaways, or cautionary tales they may share? What kinds of identifier losses is the industry seeing now, and what are the latest technologies and methodologies platforms advertisers are using to continue measuring and optimize their investments.

John Eckhardt, Head of Marketing Science Americas, Snap


II. Member Roundtable (11:50 PM - 12:30 PM)

Your time to bring up any challenges or ask any questions for group discussion. Get new perspective from your peers.