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I. Arizona Jean Co: Elevating our Brand and Style Credibility with Gen Z (9:45AM – 10:35AM)
Arizona Jean Co. has always been known for trend-right denim and value but this back-to-school season, JCPenney wanted to take it up a notch. We completely reinvigorated the brand’s style based on direct feedback from the teen customer but knew we needed to build a connection between teens and the Arizona brand. In this presentation, we’ll talk about how JCPenney launched completely separate Arizona Instagram and YouTube channels earlier this year to talk to the teen shopper with content created solely through teen influencers. We’ll look at our all-new, mobile-first design for the Arizona landing page at so teens can quickly and easily shop the latest Arizona styles on their phones or tablets. Finally, we’ll discuss the Company’s multi-faceted partnership with Arizona brand ambassadors, Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight. With over 5 million YouTube subscribers and over 3 million Instagram followers, these identical twins are elevating our credibility with teens and attracting the Gen Z shopper to our Arizona brand.

Paula Summers, 
VP of Marketing and Communications Strategy, JCPenney

II. Influencing Gen Z  (10:35AM – 11:05AM)
Gen Z (ages 20 and younger) influences nearly $44 billion in discretionary spending.  Growing up in a post digital world has made Gen Z more marketing-savvy and selective with their brand affinities than previous generations.  At 19 years old, Connor Blakely has been featured in publications like Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and other leading outlets as the voice of Gen Z.  Connor will share how brands can more authentically connect and engage Gen Z, the biggest mistakes brands make in trying to capture their attention, the latest cultural trends, and new technology changes that all marketers should be aware of.  Come with your questions- time will be included for Q&A.

Connor Blakley,
 CMO, The Campus Agency

COFFEE BREAK (11:05AM – 11:20AM)

III. #MyYoungerSelf: 50 Influencers, 31 Days, 3.8 Billion Media Impressions, 1 Message (11:20AM – 12:10PM)
The Child Mind Institute’s #MyYoungerSelf campaign brings mental health and learning disorders into the national spotlight during mental-health awareness month and shows how real, common and treatable these disorders can be. We’ll examine what it takes to get unvarnished and often deeply personal video messages from famous faces, how media channels amplify influencers’ messages and how to grow and evolve an existing campaign.

Dana Points, 
Associate Director of Development, Corporate Partnerships, Child Mind Institute

The topic of influencer fraud has been in the headlines daily since Keith Weed’s announcement at Cannes that Unilever would no longer partner with influencers who buy followers.  Many marketers support this stance yet are unclear on how to vet influencers for fraud and navigate the hot button issues of transparency and brand safety.  This interactive discussion will be an open forum to voice your biggest questions around navigating influencer fraud, share any experiences your company has had with influencer fraud, how its responded, the steps your company has put in place to vet influencers/guard against fraud, and what you think needs to be done industry-wide to fix this problem. Please come prepared to share and discuss.

IV. Driving Into eSports: Influencing a New Audience (1:25PM – 2:15PM)
With eSports continuing to grow in popularity and revenue, it is becoming increasingly necessary for brands to connect with this influential audience in an authentic manner. After months of researching the eSports landscape and the various avenues to participate, Toyota embarked on a partnership with the Overwatch League as a North American Launch Partner. Overwatch League is the first major global professional eSports league with city-based teams from around the world.As part of the partnership, Toyota and Overwatch League developed an exclusive behind-the-scenes series called Access Granted, plus other materials to communicate to this hard-to-reach target. In this presentation, we will review the strategic filters we applied prior to determining if eSports was a good fit for Toyota, as well as our approach to influencers and key learnings. 

Anthony Oliveira, Media Planner, Toyota
Elsie Cardenas, 
Social Media Planner, Toyota 
Misty O'Neal, 
Cross Tier Media Planner, Toyota