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I. Session 1: Better Together: Community As A Creative Spark  (10:00AM – 10:45AM ET)
There’s never been a better time to explore the intersection of community and creativity. It's where brands can identify with, take inspiration from, and participate in the communities that people inhabit. In this session, Facebook will share what community means, how it’s evolving, and a case study about making community the creative muse for marketers.

Sylvia Zhou, Global Industry Relations and Intelligence Lead, Facebook
Lindsay Hegleman, Event Marketing Lead, Global Events, Facebook 

II. Session 2: Creating Technology-Driven Customer Communities (10:45AM – 11:30AM ET)
Technological advancements are tapping into the very core of human behavior, allowing customers to engage with each other and brands in ways never before possible. Today’s digital environment empowers consumers to become active voices in brand narratives. This session will discuss how Sundial leveraged technology to build a thriving, strategic community around their customer advocates.

Sophia Aladenoye, Lead Digital Strategy & Emerging Tech, Sundial Brands
Jeff Ragovin, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, Social Native

LUNCH (11:30AM - 12:15PM ET)

III. Session 3: Popsicle Rallies Twitter to #BringBackTheDouble (12:15PM – 12:35PM ET)
Description: From a single tweet from mega-star Justin Bieber, to a launching a social media movement to bring back a nostalgic American favorite, in this session, the Popsicle brand team at Unilever will speak about the journey to #BringBackTheDouble by rallying 100,000 retweets on Twitter. Learn about how the power of social listening, partnering with influencers to activate customer passion, and earned media coverage brought this movement to life.
Speaker: Emily K. Smith, Associate Brand Manager- Popsicle, Unilever

IV. Session 4:  Spartan's Loyal Army (12:35PM - 1:20PM ET)
Hear from Spartan's CMO, Carola Jain, on how Spartan has built a loyal army of over 1 million racers annually and their unique approach to building loyalty, community, custom content, and unforgettable race experiences.

Speaker: Carola Jain, CMO, Spartan