Content Marketing

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Paul Robinson – Director of the Content Committee, ANA


I. Tapping into your brand's superpowers: How Peloton thinks like a media brand & learns from its community (11:30AM – 12:15PM)
There are moments as a brand when you realize you've tapped into something that makes your consumers tick, which in turn begs the question: What will you do with it? Hear from Laura Petro, who leads Content & Instructor Marketing at Peloton, as she shares an overview from a recently launched campaign that required the brand to not only think differently but also tap into new creative superpowers. Laura will share the insight that led to the campaign, how they brought to life a first-of-its-kind way of going to market with unique content that will set a tone for future content marketing initiatives. We'll discuss the importance of listening to your community, remaining authentic and organic, how to leverage your brand's differentiators & tapping into cultural trends.

Laura Petro, Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing, Peloton

II. Reimagining Product Placement as Content Strategy: How PepsiCo is using AI Technology to Digitize In-Content Integrations (12:15PM – 1:00PM)
Long gone are the days of needing to bring product to set; at least that’s what PepsiCo’s Head of Media Innovation Kate Brady has proven. In this session, Kate will be joined by Mark Melvin (Mirriad Head of Sales) to share key learnings from the last year having teamed up with the leading in content advertising platform, Mirriad, who use AI and computer learning to digitally place product, signage & video into targeted TV and Digital content. The integrations appear so real, they’ll leave you guessing what’s real, and what’s Mirriad magic.

Kate Brady, Head of Media innovation & Partnership Development, PepsiCo
Mark Melvin, SVP, Mirriad