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Introductions (11:00 – 11:10 a.m. ET)

I. The Bay Club Company: Marissa Tries (11:10 – 11:45 a.m.ET)
Among many industries affected by the lockdowns of COVID, the fitness hospitality industry entered a healing and revival period in late 2021. The Bay Club was no exception, as we saw facility usage decline to 0 percent during closure and attrition of nearly 60 percent of our membership in 2020. Looking toward 2022, we faced the daunting challenge to recover the damaged dues lines by reactivating our canceled membership base, increase usage by re-engaging the active members who remained wary of public spaces, and drive growth by acquiring the next generation of members.

Luckily, during this period of limited club access, we were presented with the opportunity to renovate our spaces, innovate on our membership offerings, and re-strategize our sales and marketing processes, all with the goal of making our product best in class. With this, the challenge became: How do we excite and educate our membership on all of these updates to get them back into the club?

Claire Hillman,VP, Digital Marketing, The Bay Club Company
Marissa Dorfler, SVP, Brand Marketing, The Bay Club Company

II. How Marketers Are Using ChatGPT Across Digital & Social Media (11:45 – 12:20 p.m. ET)
ChatGPT and generative AI are rapidly changing the world of marketing, with implications for ideation, content creation, research, A/B testing, lead generation, SEO, and many more disciplines.

This session will cover:

  • How can you use generative AI to be more productive?
  • How does Microsoft launch of Bing with ChatGPT help marketers?
  • How might Google’s Bard chatbot impact your search engine results?
  • What else do marketers need to know?

Speaker: Zak Stambor, Senior Analyst, Retail and E-commerce, Insider Intelligence

The Power and Potential of Performance AI for Marketing and Customer Connect (12:20 – 12:55 p.m. ET)
There's a lot of chatter out there about the power of generative AI. Products from ChatGPT, Google, Baidu and more promise to transform how we access information and fulfill major research, product discovery, and customer innovation initiatives, among other things. Some communications and marketing companies are responding with home-grown solutions. Others are piloting ChatGPT to see about its ability to write and research as well as — and in effect, to replace — staff.

This presentation will describe a perspective for organizations to ponder: that this early stage stuff, while cool, is a bit of a parlor trick. The real current power of AI is in its ability to source massive amounts of data and automate collection and rationalization through things like natural language and machine logic. Smart users then augment it with human intelligence (HI) for actionable insights and superior campaign planning.

The new marketing formula is AI + HI = Actionable Business, Marketing and Customer Engagement Insights. The true power of the possibilities of AI lies in providing an honest, reality-based approach to leveraging AI for business outcomes. In this presentation you will hear a vision of how to combine an AI platform with augmented human intelligence, to transform results for your organization.

Speaker: Peter Prodromou, Founder/President, Strategic Communications Practice and West Coast Lead, Boathouse Group

Wrap-up (12:55 – 1:00 p.m)

Speaker Bios 

Marissa Dorfler,SVP, Brand Marketing
Marissa Lucas is the Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing for The Bay Club Company, where she has been a key member of the team for almost seven years. Starting her career in Social Media, Marissa has always had a passion for creating engaging content and building strong brands.

At The Bay Club, Marissa has developed a content series called "Marissa Tries," where she travels to different Bay Club locations and experiences the amenities, including fitness, sports, hospitality, family activities, and more. Her work in content creation has been instrumental in driving brand awareness and engagement for The Bay Club.

In addition to her role in brand marketing, Marissa also leads philanthropic efforts and PR for the company, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact in the communities the Bay Club serves. Her passion for brand management and dedication to giving back make her a dynamic and influential leader in the changing media landscape.

Claire Hillman,VP, Digital Marketing, The Bay Club Company
Claire Hillman is a strategic digital marketer with a decade of experience in digital media, social strategy, community engagement, and content development. She currently serves as the Vice President of Digital Marketing at The Bay Club Company, one of the largest leisure and lifestyle clubs in the United States.
Claire received her Bachelor's degrees in Communications and Spanish Language from the University of Michigan, where she developed a passion for marketing and advertising. Since then, she has developed and managed digital & social teams across industries at the Illinois PGA, Mike's Hard Lemonade, and White Claw Hard Seltzer. She currently resides in Santa Monica, CA with her one-eyed cat, Bruce.

Zak Stambor Senior Analyst, Retail and E-commerce
Zak Stambor has spent more than decade covering the retail, e-commerce, marketing and advertising industries. At Insider Intelligence, he oversees a team covering retail and e-commerce, and contributes to the "Reimagining Retail" podcast. His commentary regularly appears in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Associated Press, CBS, and other top print and broadcast media.

Peter Prodromou, Founder/President of the Strategic Communications Practice and West Coast Lead, Boathouse Group 
Peter Prodromou is a seasoned marketing and communications practitioner, C-suite executive and strategist with expertise in technology, health care/life sciences, CPG, consumer technology, and real estate. Currently he is Founder/President of the Strategic Communications Practice and West Coast Lead for Boathouse Group, an integrated marketing and communications agency with offices in Boston, Menlo Park, CA and Washington, D.C. In these roles Peter leads growth strategy, client acquisition, PR and executive level communications for clients in a range of categories.

Peter is a visionary who recognized the early influence of social and digital and helped found and build integrated marketing and PR agencies focused on understanding how these platforms would fundamentally shift engagement and outcomes. His approaches have been used in corporate and product marketing and communications, public policy, presidential campaigns and regional economic development programs across five continents. As part of this, he led concepting and development of an early-stage AI platform focused on language-driven analysis of influence and engagement.

Prior to joining Boathouse, Peter was CEO and president of Boston Digital, a global digital marketing and interactive experience development company. Before that, he was CEO and president of Racepoint Global, an international marketing services company. He created Racepoint by merging two companies – Racepoint Group (a PR and PA consultancy) and Digital Influence Group (a media marketing and creative services company) – to create a content-driven marketing strategy and services leader. He is an experienced international business executive, having augmented Racepoint’s U.S. presence with growth and presence in China and the U.K., and the formation of a strategic partner network that included market research and analytics.

A graduate of Boston University, Peter lectures at Boston University, University of New Hampshire, Emerson College and the Hult International School of Business on the transformative trends redefining marketing and communications. He is a frequent speaker at strategic marketing and digital marketing events. Peter has addressed the PRCA, Silicon Dragon, Provoke, and several governing associations on the escalating role of marketing strategy in driving ethics in the business sector. In his spare time, he has been working on the manuscript for a book on the social responsibility of technology companies in helping to reinvigorate a balanced and competitive U.S. economy.