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Welcome and Introductions (11:00am - 11:10am ET)

Session I: The Creator Economy in 3D (11:10 am - 11:45am ET)
With the market value of the creator economy predicted to double to over $500 billion over the next 5 years, social media and content creators are fundamentally changing the way consumers engage with brands, media, and purchasing channels.

Connor Seidenschwarz, Content & Insights Lead - Deloitte
Dennis Ortiz, Principal - Deloitte Consulting LLP
Kenny Gold, Managing Director, Head of Social, Content and Influencer - Deloitte Digital

Session II: Content Insourcing vs. Outsourcing: How the Best Brands Flex Creative Output and Capabilities with Expert Partners (11:45pm - 12:20pm ET)
While many brands have assembled powerhouse internal creative teams, there are times where hiring a creative studio can result in not just higher-quality output, but efficiencies, streamlined communication and cost savings, too. Picking the right spots as to when and where to insource vs. outsource can make all the difference in achieving a brand's most important business objectives. 

Speaker: Ryan Sheffer,
Founder & CEO - Mile 80

Closing Remarks (12:20pm - 12:30pm)

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Connor Seidenschwarz, Content & Insights Lead - Deloitte
Connor Seidenschwarz is a research lead in Deloitte’s Chief Marketing Officer Program, part of Deloitte Services LP. Connor delivers actionable insights on emerging marketing trends and the evolving role of the CMO through quantitative and qualitative research methods. Some of Connor’s main areas of focus currently include the content creator economy, martech, and broader trends in marketing and CMOs. 

Prior to Deloitte, Connor was a researcher at Gartner, Inc. He led projects focused on the prioritization and deployment of technology within customer service, and B2B customer service, and how the customer service function can provide consumer value.

Dennis Ortiz, Principal - Deloitte Consulting LLP

Kenny Gold, Managing Director, Head of Social, Content and Influencer - Deloitte Digital

Ryan Sheffer, Founder & CEO - Mile 80
As founder and CEO of Mile 80, Ryan Sheffer sits at the intersection of film and technology, building the content studio into a creative powerhouse, servicing the world’s largest brands with efficient and high quality commercial video production, with a focus on crafting the best digital experiences in the live events space. Clients include Amazon, Google, Intuit, Siemens and AMD.

Over the past 22 years, Ryan has run the gamut of creative development, deployment and execution - beginning as a digital-savvy video editor bringing legacy brands into the future, then as quality control for some of the first content made for new web formats and streaming distribution, and as an early adopter across a range of technology, working with Red cameras as early as 2007.

Ryan taught himself to code in 2012 when he saw how inefficient video files were compared to apps, inventing his own editable html-based video file format called LookAlive. In 2014, Ryan created an AI-driven automated video system that got millions of views on social media. He’s been an editor, cinematographer, producer, writer, director, and even performer in content for the largest brands in the world.

A prolific content creator, Ryan has delivered tens of thousands of videos to every conceivable platform - from the earliest smartphones to cinema. He produced his first feature film in 2010 for web streaming on Hulu. Ryan has also been a regular on the speaking circuit, from programs on creating fully digital post-production workflows at NAB to courses on digital video production and brand storytelling at USC, LMU, and the University of Washington.