Digital & Social

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Between Snapchat melding augmented reality with e-commerce and TikTok experimenting with digital storefronts, social commerce continues to grow, expand, and evolve. Join members of the Digital & Social Committee to learn how they’re leveraging social commerce, what’s working, and what challenges they’re encountering.

Michael Kelly, Global Lead, Social Media & Influencer Programs – Poly and Digital & Social, West Coast Chapter Chair

I. BIC's Journey to Global Digital Acceleration (11:30AM-12:15PM ET)
In order to keep up with a rapidly evolving digital and e-commerce landscape, BIC launched a powerful Digital Framework to accelerate the organization's knowledge, skills and actions to win online.
In this session, Jen Elmashni, VP of Global E-Commerce & Digital Marketing, and Anna Ritchie, Head of Global Digital Content Strategy & Operations at BIC, will share insights and best practices for winning in the Digital space.

The topics covered will include:

  • The top digital shifts & trends – with a focus on COVID-19 impacts – that most influenced BIC's priorities and actions in Digital & E-Commerce Marketing
  • How the company built, and rallied around, a new, focused Digital Framework to guide all activations and priorities
  • The importance of a solid Digital Content Strategy to win the consumer experience online
  • Specific best practices, lessons learned, and tips to inspire other organizations as they look to accelerate their own digital marketing, e-commerce, and content activations

Jen Elmashni, VP of Global E-Commerce & Digital Marketing - BIC
Anna Ritchie, Head of Global Digital Content Strategy & Operations - BIC

II. Winning in a Sea of Sameness: Building a Stand-Out Brand  (12:15PM-1:00PM ET)
To create brand following and demand requires much more than just simply standing out of the crowd. Establishing a brand strategy that speaks to consumers in an authentic, unique way that not only differentiates from its competitors but develops a love for the brand. This involves self-awareness, and desire to build relationships that go beyond engagements but evoke conversations.

In this session, New Belgium Brewing's Director of Brand Marketing, Kyle Bradshaw, and founder of Boulder's Fact & Fiction agency, Kyle Taylor, share insights on how they took existing craft brew brand Voodoo Ranger to the next level, to become more than just a product. They'll share how using the right social media strategy can turn your brand into something that is ownable and unexpected.

Kyle Bradshaw, Director of Brand Marketing, New Belgium Brewing
Kyle Taylor, Founder, Fact & Faction