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WELCOME (11:00AM – 11:15AM EST)

The Marketing Futures Committee sits at the crossroads of inspiration and application. We are a collective of marketers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and agency professionals with a single goal -- creating a better tomorrow for our industry.


Tameka Vasquez is a social futurist, foresight strategist, professor, and speaker. Recently, she launched a new venture, The Future Quo, which aims to support social innovators in the private sector who strive to revolutionize their industries and design better futures for people.

Tameka is joining the June 15th Marketing Futures Committee meeting to help committee members think through their future-facing challenges. She's less interested in trying to predict the future of Tik Tok, and more interested in helping brands develop a mindset and a strategy that will allow them to respond to whatever that future happens to be.

Bring your future-telling challenges and queries to what is sure to be an engaging, enlightening workshop.


Tameka Vasquez
Founder and CEO
The Future Quo