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MarTech Committee Meeting - To Add or Optimize…That is the Question!

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I. Welcome & Introductions

John Hardy, SVP, MarTech - ANA

II. Committee Overview 

III. To Add or Optimize…That is the Question!
A strategic framework to decide whether to keep or replace existing tools.

In this forward-thinking session, we’ll explore the critical question: “Have we fully leveraged our current MarTech stack's potential, or should we invest in new tools? You’ll learn how to assess the full potential of your existing tools like your ESP, CMS, DAM and Analytics, and make informed decisions on whether to keep, retire or upgrade them to maximize stack performance and ROI.

Discover how to navigate these complexities by using payback models, use case alignment, KPIs, and benchmarks to inform your decision-making. In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify AI Integration Opportunities: Discover where AI can make a real difference in your stack, improving workflows, data analysis and decision-making. We'll show you how to integrate AI smoothly, enhancing capabilities without unnecessary overlap, and ensuring your infrastructure, data, and team are ready.
  • Use AI for Better Processes: See how AI reveals new efficiencies and insights, speeding up ROI. Learn to evaluate your stack’s performance with AI analytics, spotting where new AI can fill gaps or drive growth.
  • Make Smart Tech Stack Decisions: With thorough analysis and strategic insight, leaders will learn how to decide between optimizing their stack and investing in new tech or AI applications. This ensures investments are cost-effective and aligned with long-term goals.

This session is vital for MarTech leaders who need to make the most of their current technology investments, offering a straightforward path to align tech with business objectives, fuel sustainable growth and stay ahead in a digital-first marketplace.

Presented by:

Love Hudson-Maggio
Founder & CEO
Mar Dat

Love Hudson-Maggio is an accomplished industry luminary who stands at the forefront of the marketing technology evolution with a remarkable career spanning pivotal roles at corporate giants, including Head of Outbound Product Strategy at Oracle and Global Director of Customer Success at Salesforce. Love has held strategic leadership positions at Google, Cox, Warner Media, and IHG.

Love possesses a rare combination of insights from both the brand and software vendor sides. Now at the helm as Founder of Mar Dat, a boutique marketing technology, and data consultancy. Love has taken her expertise to new heights, empowering brands to optimize their marketing technology investments.

IV. Roundtable Discussion with Q&A 

VII. Closing Remarks, What's Next?