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Hear From Experts Discussing the Evolution and Impact of Privacy Tech and Best Practices to Leverage Customer Data

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I. Welcome & Introductions (1:00PM – 1:10PM EST)

II. Committee Overview (1:10PM – 1:15PM EST)

III. Why and How Privacy Tech Fits into the MarTech Stack of the Future (1:15PM – 1:45PM EST)

ANA members will hear from a privacy tech CEO on the emergence of data compliance as a vital new metric for marketers, alongside viewability and brand suitability.  As the world deals with increasing compliance complexity and intensifying enforcement, we will explore practical, real-life examples showing how privacy tech can drive growth, reduce reputational risk and increase org efficiency.

Presented by: 

Jamie Barnard, CEO, Compliant

Jamie is the CEO of Compliant™, a leader in compliance technology for the digital ad industry and publisher of the Data Safety Index. 

Jamie joined Unilever as a marketing lawyer in 2007 after 6 years acting for London’s top creative agencies and a brief affair with the music business.  He is recognized internationally as an expert in privacy and public policy, and a published authority on ethics in data and AI. For more than a decade, he stood shoulder to shoulder with pioneers on the frontline of digital innovation, solving the many tensions between people and technology.  

IV. Roundtable Discussion with Q&A (1:45PM – 2:00PM EST)

V. Customer Data and Privacy Enhanced to Grow your Business (2:00 -2:30PM EST)

Advertising and marketers are experiencing unprecedented transformation as companies seek to improve interoperability across platforms and provide better, more relevant experiences while protecting consumer data. AWS brings together a comprehensive set of options from purpose-built AWS Services, Solutions, and Partner offerings to help customers innovate faster, operate efficiently. During this session we will cover some key capabilities and solution areas including Audience & Customer Data Management and Privacy-Enhanced Data Collaboration (Clean Rooms, Identity Resolution, Customer Data and AI\ML).

Presented by: 

Paul Dooley (AWS) World-Wide Head Marketing Transformation AWS
Lewis Steckler (AWS) World Wide Head Martech for AWS

VI. Roundtable Discussion with Q&A (2:30PM – 2:45PM EST)

VII. Closing Remarks, What's Next? (2:45PM-3:00PM EST)