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Data & Direct Marketing

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Includes breakfast, lunch, and offsite gathering 
for plenty of networking

NETWORKING BREAKFAST (9:00am - 9:30am ET) 

WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS (9:30am - 10:00am ET) 
Lisa Merizio Smith, Senior Manager, ANA

I. The Outlook for Data Analytics 
(10:00am - 10:45am ET)

Marketing’s increasing need for deeper, faster insights, performance and measurement is transforming marketing analytics. Winterberry Group released research in April 2023, “From Data to Insight: The Outlook for Marketing Analytics”, based on findings of 200 US and European marketers, along with interviews conducted with industry experts. Winterberry Group predicts strong expansion in marketing analytics investments and use cases across industries. The report also highlights forecasts that spend covering marketing analytics and data infrastructure is expected to grow from $22 billion in 2022 to $32 billion in 2026 in the US, UK and EU. insights on understanding the latest trends and dynamics shaping how companies are leveraging marketing analytics, and the investments that will be required to effectively become an analytics-driven organization.

Key Themes include:

  • How marketing analytics has and will evolve across marketing use cases (insights, activation, measurement, attribution and optimization), and the opportunities and the challenges present today and, in the future
  • An assessment of the current state of marketing analytics maturity – what makes a leader or laggard
  • What may impact the ability to deliver value from analytics investments, including privacy, regulatory and loss the of identifiers, changes in channel mix and related other developments shaping the marketing analytics industry
  • How brands are organizing internal and external resources, the demand for talent and the role of agencies and other partners in supporting adoption and the drive for organizational maturity
  • The outlook for spend and investment in marketing analytics over the next 3 years

Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Partner, Winterberry Group

BREAK  +  Center for Ethical Marketing Update (10:45am - 11:00am ET)

The Center educates organizations on industry standard best practices in ethical marketing to build trust in marketing and fundraising. Learn about the NEW Center for Ethical Marketing LinkedIn Group, DMAChoice – data hygiene tool, upcoming Ethics Policy Committee meeting, and development of a new Ethics Code. The Center also works closely with our Advocacy team on educating members on legislation and compliance issues that impact marketers. Learn about the new pending “data broker” bill in California.Speaker:

Lisa Brown Shosteck, Consulting Director, ANA Center for Ethical Marketing | ANA Privacy Shield


II. Creative and Data: Brands Achieve High-Performance with CTV Ads  (11:00am - 11:45am ET) 

In this omnichannel world, more marketers than ever before can access the same data and high-performing ad tech tools, including AI. The best way for brands to differentiate themselves and fuel durable growth is through creative. In this presentation, you'll learn creative best practices for Connected TV, backed by data from an AI-driven analysis of thousands of advertisers, that correlate with performance. You'll also learn how Connected TV advertising brings the accuracy of digital reporting to television, enabling both prospecting and retargeting to help direct response advertisers achieve better overall results.


  • Why high-impact creative is a performance driver (when it’s done right)
  • How you can use creative to tell your story and stand out from the crowd
  • What key elements successful ads have in common
  • A case study example

Matt Collins, Director of Product Marketing, MNTN

NETWORKING LUNCH (11:45am - 12:15pm ET) 


III. The Direct Mail Renaissance has Arrived! (12:15pm - 1:00pm ET)

Direct marketers have always known that direct mail marketing, in all its forms – tactile, catalogs, postcards, brochures, etc. - cuts through the clutter. Now, as Digital natives see the costs of digital marketing continue to climb and the landscape becomes increasingly saturated, direct mail has seen a resurgence in recent years. It persists as an effective and valuable marketing channel due to its tangibility, targeting and measuring capabilities, creative and branding impact, and its ability to complement other mediums as part of an integrated, omnichannel marketing approach.

DTC Brands that incorporate catalogs and direct mail ads into their marketing mix almost always see a boost in the performance of their digital marketing efforts via search, email, and social due to highly qualified traffic being driven to their site. No other channel can replicate the real estate in print!


  • Direct Mail offers precise audience targeting and measurability, allowing brands to effectively reach their ideal consumers while also supporting acquisition, loyalty and retargeting efforts.
  • Customers obtained through catalogs and direct mail have a higher lifetime value (LTV), making it a highly beneficial channel for long-term business success.
  • The time value of a beautifully executed catalog which is usually kept around to peruse at a later date. It’s also a creative opportunity for retailers to tell richer stories and capture consumers’ undivided attention.

Donna Belardi, Chairman & CEO, Belardi Wong


IV.  Member Roundtable - TOWN HALL on TESTING & LTV  (1:00pm - 2:00pm)

Through the surveys, you've told us what issues are keeping you up at night and on what topics your boss wants you to be smarter. So, gather your team, listen and participate in this TOWN HALL format where these topics and more will be addressed by our panelists and YOU as time allows. 

Chuck La Tournous,
VP Marketing | Multiple Line Agencies, American National  
Lauren Ackerman,
VP Client Strategy, J.Schmid
Nick Ellinger,
Chief Brand Officer, Moore

OPTIONAL: Offsite Networking Gathering (2:00pm)
One block from Grand Central Station, NYC