Commerce Marketing

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Paul Robinson 
 Director of the Commerce Committee, ANA

The ANA recently surveyed its membership on issues specifically impacting Commerce Marketing.  In the first of a series of roundtable discussions regarding these findings, Paul Robinson will share information regarding the incredible growth and focus to E-Commerce (along with other opportunities in Social Commerce) etc. Please come prepared to discuss how your organization, or your category, has leveraged these areas in 2020 and what’s planned for 2021.

I. Getting Through 2020 with a Coke and a Smile (11:30AM – 12:15PM)
As an industry and shopper marketing veteran, Tammy has a unique perspective and true 360 degree view of emerging "Connected Commerce" Marketing platforms. Hear from Tammy as she details some of the key opportunities of 2020 - along with some of the momentum builders for 2021 - in the shopper, retail, e-Commerce and more.

Tammy Brumfield, Associate Vice President, Shopper Marketing, Coca-Cola Company

II. Invest & Create: How an indie agency is disrupting the sexual wellness industry with Champ, a new DTC condom line   (12:15PM – 1:00PM)
It's becoming clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is an event that will permanently shift consumer behaviors. Brands, especially legacy ones, are at the crux of these shifts. New brands, particularly DTC models, are uniquely positioned to catch the attention of consumers that are reevaluating their purchase decisions and using e-commerce as a form of entertainment. When a new DTC sexual wellness company sought out indie creative agency Madwell to bring it to life, the team jumped at the opportunity to craft a unique brand that could challenge the industry by stripping the machoism that had defined the category. Madwell helped create a brand that strayed from the 'millennial special' and made the process of buying sex stuff simple, discrete, trustworthy and welcoming to everyone — regardless of gender, sexual preference, age, or lifestyle — through its nostalgic identity. Having a financial stake in the business and branching into a new category, Madwell is quite literally invested in Champ disrupting the sexual wellness space. In this talk, the Co-Founder of Champ, John O’Keeffe, and the Co-Founder and CCO of Madwell, Chris Sojka, will discuss their approach to launching Champ and the potential benefits for agencies that partner with startups. 


  • Advantages startup brands can leverage under our current climate, including infusing purpose into your identity and how to capitalize on e-commerce as consumers use it as a form of entertainment
  • Potential benefits agencies receive when investing in/partnering with startups
  • Tips for agencies breaking into new categories

John O'Keeffe,
Co-Founder, Champ
Chris Sojka, Co-Founder, CCO, Madwell