New Patent Troll Legislation Introduced

Following on the heels of a number of other bills, a pending inquiry by the FTC, and an Executive Order from the President, Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY, 8) and Representative Blake Farenthold (R-TX, 27) introduced H.R. 2639, the “Patent Litigation and Innovation Act of 2013,” last week. This legislation would require stricter pleading requirements of specificity in patent infringement suits, especially with regard to the identity of the party bringing the suit and the actual infringement alleged. Additionally, the bill would stay suits against end users accused of infringement until suits against the manufacturer of the product in question have been resolved.

ANA is working as part of several coalitions to meet the challenge that so-called patent assertion entities or “patent trolls” pose to industry. If you have questions or if you have information you are willing to share that may assist us in our efforts with these coalitions (such as cease and desist letters or complaints from these types of entities), please contact Dan Jaffe at 202-296-1883 or via email (