Ethical Resources for Nonprofits | ANA

Ethical Resources for Nonprofits

Build trust with donors and supporters.

Donor trust is fundamental to organizations and preserving that trust can only occur with ethical best practices and standards.

Learn more about ethical marketing and fundraising with these key resources:

  • Fundraising Principles (PDF): Nonprofit organizations have an obligation to make solid business decisions to help meet both short- and longterm objectives that will, in turn, make the world a better place.
  • Face-to-Face (F2F) Fundraising Core Principles:  It's important that those engaged in F2F engage in best practices and adopt core principles that reflect positively on the general philanthropic community. 
  • ANA Nonprofit Federation: Tools, events, insights and more to help you expand your reach, strengthen your team, and leverage the full breadth of the ANA's resources.

Additional resources for consumers:

  • Disaster Relief Donor Guidelines: With almost every disaster comes unscrupulous persons, companies, and organizations that will try to take unfair advantage. These guidelines are designed to help donors with their crucial charitable efforts.
  • The Donor's Guide to Giving: As Americans continue to demonstrate generosity throughout the holiday season, these holiday safeguards should be reviewed each year.