Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM)

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As an arm of the ANA, the Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) is an industry-wide alliance representing the entire marketing ecosystem — advertisers, media, research companies, trade organizations, and agencies across Hispanic, African-American, Asian-American, LGBTQ, and non-multicultural segments. Together, this working group of industry leaders is focused on evolving and enhancing the relevance, effectiveness, and impact of multicultural and inclusive marketing in order to legitimize connections with consumers and, in turn, maximize business growth.


AIMM’s mission is to create a powerful voice that elevates multicultural and inclusive marketing to promote business growth in an increasingly diverse marketplace.



AIMM serves as a catalyst for driving brand, business, and industry growth by providing research and educational resources, facilitating strategic connections, and inspiring marketers to step outside their comfort zone. In turn, marketers will be better prepared to hire more diverse candidates with differing points of view so that they become more proficient in their advertising, strategic planning, and media considerations. By 2022, AIMM expects to meet three goals: 

  1. Bias-free marketing through insights, support, and metrics to drive multicultural/inclusive marketing business growth.
  2. Embed cultural insights into marketing to connect with diverse consumers. Value and celebrate cultural diversity AND highlight human truths that unite. Authenticate the portrayal of all segments. Amplify the voices of our communities to be stronger.
  3. To contribute to corporate industry growth by providing research and resources that allow companies to understand the impact of segments growing exponentially faster than the general market. By 2022, AIMM expects to witness:
    • A 20 percent increase in the accurate depiction of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans in advertising and media
    • A 20 percent increase in representation of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans in marketing companies, agencies, and directors
    • A 20 percent increase in companies that are growing their multicultural business


Consumers want to be seen, to be reflected, and to be respected. Brands have an opportunity to make lasting connections by doing more than scratching the surface with targeted consumers. Diverse casting is a start, but it’s time to go further, to touch the heart with insights that are relevant and resonant, with an emphasis on what unifies us and what makes us unique.

Consumers are telling marketers to “show us that you know us.” Consumers are urging marketers to SEE ALL. Expand your brand’s worldview so you can experience brand growth.

It’s time to #SeeAll. See All the ways we live and love. See All the ways we celebrate and fascinate. See All of our preferences and concerns. See All of us — who we are and who we can be.

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AIMM membership is open to all ANA members and a select number of agencies, media, research/data companies.

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