The ESG Brand Perception Index

Top U.S. brands scored by consumer perception of environmental, social, and governance impact

The index is based on daily surveys of consumer opinions on the ESG performance of more than 430 brands and was created in partnership with Swayable, a research technology platform that specializes in providing consumer insights. Available to ANA members only and conducted independently from brands, the index lists the top 20 ranked brands across seven verticals, along with key insights.

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Key ESG insights for this month



Key Insights for the Month of May

  • ESG perceptions and purchase intent are strongly linked. Out of more than 400 brands studied across all verticals, there was not one example where a brand scored low on ESG perception but retained high purchase intent. The correlation was especially strong in the Retail and Finance verticals (above 0.9).
  • Perceptions vary significantly across demographics and verticals. Younger consumers gave the greatest overall positive ratings, while older consumers had a much wider range of judgments about ESG performance. Retail and FMCG had the highest overall ESG perceptions, while other verticals were more polarizing.
  • ESG is something consumers think about. The initial rankings revealed meaningful patterns across verticals, as well as nuanced judgments on environmental versus social versus governance impacts. While we expect halo effects from familiarity and general positive sentiment to contribute to these perceptions to some extent, consumers are nonetheless consumers are nonetheless clearly making substantive, coherent judgments about whether brands they know are doing the right thing.



The Swayable-ANA ESG Brand Perception index poll has been conducted since April 1st, 2021 using Swayable’s proprietary consumer data and analysis platform. It is based on a sample of more than 15,000 American adults aged 18 or older, who are users of smart phone devices and apps that participate in Swayable’s network. Scores are determined monthly for between 400 and 500 brands, consisting of ANA members and others determined to have sufficient national consumer familiarity. All reported figures are rounded to the nearest whole number, and the estimated margin of error is 1-2 points. Calculated scores are scaled averages of Environmental, Social, and Governance answers from respondents, who score the three metrics on 100-point slider scales from: Very Negative 0 → Neutral 50 → Very Positive 100. All respondents are given non-cash rewards for participation, with clear opt-in consent. No unnecessary personally identifiable information is requested or collected.