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25th Anniversary

Congratulations Wall

As we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, please submit your best wishes and thoughts for our congratulations wall below. Check back to see what others have shared!

  • Amanda M. - Innovate Marketing Group (An Experience Agency)
    A big congrats to ANA multicultural on this anniversary. Thanks for being a platform to amplify the voices of various communities.

  • Art V. - Vandelay Industries
    Congrats to all! Happy 25th Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Conference!! You're old enough to rent a car and get cheaper insurance!

  • Pepper M. - Hunter-Miller, Inc.
    Delighted and proud to have presented Black insights at the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference three times and twice at AIMM!!! Thank you for your service. Thank you for your courage to welcome and stand up for a multitude of cultures and perspectives. Thank you for putting a stake in the ground for real inclusion for 25 years. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!!

  • David S. - UnitedHealthcare
    Congratulations! Thank you for always inspiring me in continuing my career in Multicultural Marketing

  • Gerry L. - López Negrete Communications
    ¡Felicidades ANA Multicultural Conference! Thanks for 25 years of supporting our MC marketing industry.

  • David M. - MacMORGAN
    Outstanding contribution to our industry and to our world. Looking forward to your even greater success over the next 25 years!

  • Derek E. - Brown Forman
    Thank you for creating a space that amplifies and prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion! Representation matters and all of this amazing work over the years has truly been the foundation and provided the tools for my marketing journey!

  • Carla K. - NBCU
    Congratulations on 25th ANA Multicultural Conference! May we have many, many more!!!

  • Julian G. - AdTheorent
    This is my favorite MC conference every year! Always get inspired after getting to meet and interact with all the amazing marketing leaders pushing representation forward.

  • Pavi G. -
    Congratulations ANA for being a pioneer for 25 years and championing the cause of inclusion, equity and diversity with infectious positive passion!

  • Jeronimo E. -
    Congratulations ANA. What a great milestone. Thank you for everything you do to advance our industry. Best of all you are only getting started. #25ANAMAS

  • David J. - SC Johnson
    Happy 25th to this event that helps us expand our view of the world around us and deepen our personal and industry commitment to inclusion!

  • Marcela B. - Fox
    It is amazing to be here!

  • Maricel D.W. - ConneXion Research
    This is my first time attending the ANA and I am so grateful to have made it for their 25th anniversary! I am looking forward to 25 more!

  • Erica S. -
    So excited for the 25th – I consider this the Super Bowl of Multicultural Marketing, Inclusion, and overall networking in the space.

  • Douglas F. -
    Congratulations ANA! This is such an important milestone for this conference. There are always great takeaways presented by leaders in the industry who are offering up proven success stories, making it easier to make the business case for prioritizing multicultural marketing.

  • Anonymous -
    As you celebrate this Anniversary I look forward to inspiring, informative, and instructive content on this, your 25th Anniversary! I know I will leave with practical next steps and will be energized to pursue them. Congratulations!

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