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We are thrilled to partner with a variety of leading companies across the media ecosystem. ANA partnership programs allow a limited number of companies access, involvement, and networking with various ANA member touchpoints including national industry conferences, 1-Day Conferences, committee meetings, webinars, e-newsletters and more. Our partner programs also allow us to expand our products and services, intellectual capital, and the geographic reach of the association.


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Wilson Vargas
Senior Vice President
Direct: 646.708.8179
Email: wvargas@ana.net

Stephen Bohlinger
Vice President
Direct: 646.708.8132
Email: sbohlinger@ana.net

Stephen Simmons
Senior Director
Direct: 646.708.8125
Email: ssimmons@ana.net

Nicholle Kun
Direct: 646.708.8131
Email: nkun@ana.net

Mike Pryzbylski
Direct: 219.808.6241
Email: mpryzbylski@ana.net

Lauren Bush
Direct: 646.708.8139
Email: lbush@ana.net