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Marketing Futures

Discussing and debating the future of marketing and business.

The ANA Marketing Futures Podcast serves as a crossroads for marketers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and academia to discuss and debate the future of marketing. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from AI to the metaverse, and everything in between.

Our mission? To demystify emerging trends, share different perspectives on critical economic issues, and help marketers and business owners focus on what matters most: growing their brands.


Hosted by Mike Berberich

Mike Berberich is senior director of content strategy and Marketing Futures at the ANA, and the host and producer of the Marketing Futures podcast.

Mike has 15 years of industry experience, performing various roles for six years at Havas Digital before coming to the ANA in 2013. He oversees all aspects of the Marketing Futures program, including the development and production of reports, articles, research, and the Marketing Futures Committee. Mike’s mission is to demystify innovation, and help marketers wrap their heads around industry trends that are emerging at a breakneck pace.

When he’s not banging the drum of innovation, Mike is making noise of a different variety, as a music producer and sound designer for more than 20 years. As a hip hop artist, he’s released two full-length albums, three EPs, and numerous singles under the nom du plum BRBRCK; as a sound designer, he’s produced the soundtrack for short films, theatre, and dance, touring Jordan, Israel, and Palestine in 2010 with the Yaa! Samar Dance Theater company. Mike enjoys writing, dancing, meditation, and exploring New York City, which he’s called home for more than 20 years.

Recent Episodes

Meeting Gen Z Where They’re At, with Elizabeth Kenny at TRUTH Initiative

1 week ago

Marketing Futures Podcast host Mike Berberich spoke with TRUTH Initiative CMO Elizabeth Kenny about how TRUTH finds insights to resonate with Gen Z, a generation that regularly shuns traditional marketing.

Mastering Marketing's New Era, with CPG Marketing Expert Fernando Herrera

3 weeks ago

Marketing Futures’ Podcast host Mike Berberich caught up with CPG Expert Fernando Herrera at the 2024 ANA Brand Masters Conference to discuss omnichannel marketing, AI, and the hybrid/remote workforce.

The Marketer’s Evolution: From Creativity to Business Acumen, with Newell Brand’s Melanie Huet

1 month ago

Marketing Futures Podcast host Mike Berberich sat down with Melanie Huet, President of Brand Management and Innovation at Newell Brands, to discuss the future trajectory of marketing leadership.

It Takes a Village: A New Agency Approach with Sarah Collinson and Dan Lucey

1 month ago

Marketing Futures Podcast host Mike Berberich talked to the co-CEOs of Havas New York, Sarah Collinson and Dan Lucey, about their “village model” approach to client solutions, what the new dynamic duo has planned in the short- and long-term, and, of course, how AI factors into it all.