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Champions of Growth

Helping CMOs boost their value throughout their organization.

Champions of Growth, a podcast of the ANA Network, focuses on the ANA Growth Agenda with the goal of helping CMOs navigate a post-digital world and bolster their value throughout the organization. The podcast takes an-in-depth look at the various aspects of the 12-point Growth Agenda, which encompasses society and sustainability, brand experience, creativity and media, talent and marketing organization and data, technology, and measurement. The agenda includes an accompanying subset of marketing disciplines designed to fuel growth and bolster CMOs’ overall value, ranging from recruiting new talent to trust and transparency.

C-level marketing executives from P&G, Liberty Mutual, PwC, and other major brands share their insights regarding the expanding number of challenges facing CMOs and how marketers must engage with other aspects of their business to drive legitimate change and improve their value in the eyes of the C-suite. Champions of Growth helps marketers enlarge their aperture and — as stakeholders hold brands increasingly accountable for their actions — provides real-world examples of how CMOs can play a more crucial role throughout their organization.


Hosted by Matthew Schwartz

Matthew Schwartz is a director of content at the ANA and host of the Champions of Growth podcast.

An editor and reporter for more than 25 years, Matthew has deep knowledge of marketing, advertising, and PR. Matthew helps to manage ANA magazine, ANA’s suite of editorial products, including the B2C and B2B departments, and also writes articles for ANA magazine on a regular basis.

A lifelong New Yorker, Matthew is an avid reader of cultural history and an aspiring Dylanologist. He also enjoys biking, swimming, and exploring what’s left of old Manhattan.

Recent Episodes

The Performance Marketing Versus Branding Debate Heats Up

6 days ago

Lou Aversano, CMO of The Cigna Group, joins host Matthew Schwartz, to discuss the performance marketing versus branded advertising debate heating up throughout B2B precincts, why there’s a growing onus on B2B firms to thread more emotional elements throughout their messaging architecture, and more.

How Marketers Become Better Leaders

2 weeks ago

Sally Percy, journalist and author, joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss how senior marketers bolster their leadership skills, why remote work is changing the so-called “70/20/10” rule of communications, and the increasingly key role empathy plays among successful leaders.

How Marketers Tame the Data Beast

1 month ago

Claravine's Chris Comstock joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss how marketers bolster their data standards, why embracing failure is underrated in the battle to tame the data beast, and what the pending demise of third-party cookies means for brand advertisers and consumer engagement.

Handicapping the ANA’s Marketing Capabilities Framework

1 month ago

Greg Boosin, EVP of global B2B and product marketing at Mastercard, joins host Matthew Schwartz to break down the ANA’s 2023 Marketing Capabilities Framework.

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