The ANA is a proud founding partner of Voting Maven (Media & Advertising Voters Engaging Now), a non-partisan industry group committed to helping the marketing and advertising industry create change through civic action and participation by activating and increasing voter turnout of our workforce in this year’s Midterm Elections on November 8, 2022.

Why Voting Matters

Elections are tight every year. Nearly half of eligible voters didn’t vote in the last midterm – there are few elections in this country that couldn’t be swung by a fraction of that group. Even a small number of votes can impact elections.

If you don’t vote, someone else will decide on the things that matter to you.

The youngest eligible voters have the most at stake, yet they have the lowest voter participation in the United States. In the last midterm, voter turnout among 18-29 year old's was just 36%. That means about two out of three 18-29 year olds did not vote. We can impact this number, within our industry. Given that our media and advertising industry has a disproportionate amount of young voters, this is the largest area where we can make a difference.

Voters Have Critical Choice

One third of states have a US Senate race on the ballot

All 435 members of the US House are up for re-election

Half of the country's governors, secretaries of state, and attorneys general will be up for election

Nearly all states have critical state legislative and local offices to vote on

Take the Pledge


By pledging to join Voting Maven, your company is simply affirming that you support and encourage every employee to make their voice heard by voting.

Learn how to best get your organization involved

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Key Dates

September 20: National Voter Registration Day
October 3-7: National Voter Education Week
October 28: National Vote Early Day
November 7: Get Out the Vote
November 8: Election Day


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