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Brand/Marketing Innovation

Marketing's digital transformation presents enormous opportunities and implications for building brands and growing businesses.

To leverage this potential, the ANA works to highlight — and offer insight into — our industry's most innovative brands and campaigns, giving our members a broad network of intellectual capital they can tap into for inspiration and ideas.

The Challenge

As the more tedious and time-consuming media transactions become automated and marketers begin to fully leverage innovations like facial recognition, predictive analytics, and blockchain, companies will need to invest in the latest technology and infrastructure to meet new benchmarks of marketing success, create a compelling customer experience, and accurately measure the brand's overall value.

The ANA’s Response

Building a successful brand and leveraging innovations to keep it fresh requires a large investment in both time and resources. That's why we offer a robust selection of workshops and courses, along with thousands of videos, articles, and tools, to help members delve into the latest emerging trends and technologies.

Latest Content

Articles, insights, research, and more to advance your marketing and advertising.

Podcast Clips

Performance Marketing Versus Branding is a Pointless Debate

1 day ago

According to Cigna Group’s Lou Aversano, branding versus performance marketing is a false choice. He explains why in this clip from the Champions of Growth podcast.


Was Account-Based Marketing a Waste of Time?

by Marie Griffin, 1 day ago

After years in which one-to-one account-based marketing (ABM) dominated the market, a majority of B2B firms now deploy at least two types of ABM — whether one-to-one, one-to-few, or one-to-many — while almost a third use all three types, according to a recent study. That's a significant bump from 2017, when just 35 percent of marketers used more than one type of ABM. The numbers may indicate that B2B firms are getting back to the basics to refuel their various ABM initiatives.

Partner Content

Understanding the Evolving Dynamics of Sports Fandom

by Nicole McCormack, 2 days ago

How fans cheer on their teams differs from one generation to the next. But one thing that isn't changing is fans' commitment to their teams. Brands that can tap into that loyalty may find a highly receptive consumer base.

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Bringing marketers together to learn from each other and debate new approaches and solutions to industry hurdles.

A benefit of ANA membership, committee meetings feature a mix of member case studies, perspective from outside experts, and benchmarking/best-practice sharing that drive thought leadership on key industry issues. Each ANA committee meets three to four times per year and can be attended in person or remotely. Depending on the committee, 10 to 30 participants may attend — big enough for diversity of opinion, yet small enough for more intimate exchanges.

See the Growth Agenda in action and learn more about how, as an industry, we're tackling the challenges ahead.

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