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ANA/BMA Members-Only Event at Forbes

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Theme: Growth – How B2B Marketing Drives Business Results

The purpose of marketing is being transformed by marketers who have the courage to lead by being business leaders first, and marketers second. When they make this transition, marketers see that business grows. By attending this conference you will learn that marketers who turn marketing into a strategic business driver, create a differentiating brand position, and demonstrate ROI, earn a seat at the C-suite table. More importantly, these marketers also elevate the importance and impact of marketing within their organization.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
- 9:00am
Networking & Continental Breakfast

9:00am General Session


The IBM transformation story ...

Or the seven truths of marketing. While IBM is not the world's leading data-driven, digital marketing organization, they have learned more over the past two years about what it takes to transform a traditional marketing group into a data-driven function than any other company in the world. IBM learned that there are hundreds of details that they want to get right, but there are seven critical changes that empirically drive outcomes. In this presentation, Ari Sheinkin will shares his insights into the seven truths of the IBM transformation with sometimes brutal honesty about what IBM got wrong, what they had to change and where they are now.

Learn how and why the company now focuses on enabling growth, enabling productivity and enabling culture change.

Ari Sheinkin
Vice President, Marketing Analytics IBM

The Truth About B2B Marketing

The sad truth is, with the exception of truly marketing-led organizations, like Procter & Gamble, Marketing often carries the burden of having to defend its efficacy and value. "Why should the business spend 1 more dollar or EURO or Yen on Marketing vs. Sales or Development?" And while tools now exist that allow for more precise marketing campaigns, ROI measurement, and overall sophistication, questions and doubts linger. Why?

And how can we – Marketing Leaders – overcome this stigma by using readily available techniques and tools to deliver the business value expected of us?

Whether in the midst of a company transformation or managing a largely stable ("run-rate") business, Marketing can help business grow, deliver measurable and sustainable value, and earn the proverbial "Seat at the Table." Jeff Winter will share his experiences from Pitney Bowes, SAP, and IBM that will touch upon Account-Based Marketing, New Product Introductions, and building the right internal and external relationships.

Jeff Winter
Global Head of Marketing and Communications for Software Solutions Pitney Bowes


Marketers who are responsible for the development and execution of strategic marketing initiatives in support of their organization's business objectives, are those that are more than marketers – they are business leaders. Deidre will outline how she and her team have developed the marketing plans and tactics needed to make marketing at Navient a growth driver.

Using examples, Deidre will show how partnering with internal business teams helped her marketing team drive compelling messages, materials, programs and new solutions for lead generation. She will explain the challenges marketing leaders face when attempting to transform marketing from a tactical activity into a strategic initiative, which if appropriately executed, can make a difference as a business driver.

Deidre Dillon
Vice President, Corporate Marketing Navient


B2B Marketers have long questioned their relevance, importance, and ability to be seen as business growth drivers by senior leadership. To determine why this is the case, ANA has undertaken the next phase of B2B research: to uncover how B2B Marketers can become catalysts for company growth and why so many B2B marketers still struggle to be viewed by their leadership as vital, strategic assets. Our study revealed an important fact – marketers feel they lack the measurement tools needed to rise above being considered an extension of the Sales Department.

Jo-Ann Osipow, Executive VP, Consulting at GfK Custom Research, LLC, will present the findings of our most recent study outlining the steps marketers can take to become growth drivers. She will also share other significant and compelling insights including the fact that marketers need only take a few simple steps to move from irrelevant to being perceived as critically important business growth drivers! You will want to hear both the survey results and how you can immediately put the suggested findings to work within your company to begin the transformation.

Jo-Ann Osipow
Executive VP, Consulting - Brand & Communications GfK Custom Research, LLC
12:00pm Conference Adjournment