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Think Like the Customer: Applying Measurement & Attribution

We are all customers in some form.  As marketers, we can use our own experiences to step into the shoes of our customer to better understand not only what they expect from the brand, but also how to treat them, and where and when to best communicate with them.  In order to be customer-centric and conduct the best measurement and attribution possible, we need to understand how the customer thinks and acts.  Where do they interact with our organization?  What do they expect in their treatment? The more we understand their behaviors and interactions with our company, the better we can provide benefit both to them and our company. In this course, we will discuss how to leverage thinking like the customer in order to improve our own measurement and attribution efforts and, ultimately, our relationship with the customer.

This course is the fourth in a six-part series entitled: “Advanced Attribution.”  This course can be taken either as a stand-alone course or as part of the series. Powered by Marist.

Learning Experience

This is a video-based, lecture format course with no interactivity. It provides real-world practitioner-led learning. Active course participation is limited and includes assessments, activities, and resources/tools, but no knowledge checks.

Who is this Course For?

Junior, middle, and senior marketer levels – all those interested in how to leverage thinking like the customer in order to improve their measurement and attribution efforts, and their relationship with the customer.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Leveraging Customer Expectations to Shape Your Measurement & Attribution Strategy

    • What Customers Expect
    • How to Implement Transparency
    • What Should Be Measured?
    • The Challenges of Attribution
    • Self-regulation

Lesson 2: Identifying the Customer Across Devices

    • Transformed Consumer Behavior
    • The Customer Journey
    • Self-Paced Exercise

Lesson 3: Aligning Measurement with the Customer Journey

    • Mapping Look-a-Like Customers
    • Impact of Comprehension on Behavior
    • What Does Good Look Like?

Estimated Length of Completion

Approximately 60 minutes. This timing reflects basic run time, but seat time varies by user and could be significantly longer.

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Don Hinman

Founder, dhConsulting

Don Hinman is a data -driven marketing consultant. He helps marketers and others understand and utilize marketing data across multiple customer-centric channels. Don is often referred to as “Dr. Data” due to his experience and expertise across the industry in the creation and use of data in data marketing applications.

In the past two years, Don has provided consulting services for a number of organizations.

  • Development of materials and education courses in Data and Audience Management for the Data & Marketing Association (DMA).
  • Establishment of a Data Governance Process for a Services Provider supporting Small to Medium sized Financial Institutions.
  • Created a Chief Data Officer role as well as other data support activities for one of the top Marketing Services Provider.
  • Advised a major Investment Banker in the assessment of the competitive market position of a potential acquisition.
  • Provided Expert Witness advice in an alleged patent infringement case involving data marketing.
  • Provided Expert Witness advice for a Data Provider pursuing possible copyright infringement and unauthorized use of data.

His previous work experience includes:

  • Senior Vice President for Data Strategy for Epsilon Data Solutions (2007-2014). In this role, Don lead the data asset utilization functions for Epsilon’s data products. He previously served as SVP for Products for ICOM and Abacus.
  • Past Chair of the Direct Marketing Association’s Committee on Ethical Business Practices.
  • Former member of the Board of Trustees for Marketing Edge (f/k/a DMEF).
  • Honored with a Silver Apple Award from the Direct Marketing Club of New York (2013). He frequently speaks at conferences and seminars in direct marketing, CRM and database marketing industries.
  • Executive Vice President and Senior Principal for The Allant Group (2005-2007).
  • Group Leader for InfoBase Products at Acxiom Corporation (1994-2005). In that role, he led the product management of Acxiom’s data centric products, including InfoBase consumer and telephone enhancement, list products, and analytic and segmentation products. Don was also the Data Content Group Leader in the Data Division at the Acxiom Corporation.
  • Vice President and Performance Group Manager for National Demographics & Lifestyles Inc. (1984-1994) in Denver, CO, where he was responsible for Product Development, Management and improvement of direct marketing lists and segmentation/modeling services.

Don received his Ph.D. in Mass Communications from Bowling Green State University (Ohio) in 1979.