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Account-Based Marketing Committee Meeting: Weaving ABM into the Fabric of Business Success

This event is over.

Join us for the Account-Based Marketing Committee's next virtual meeting designed to empower B2B marketers, sales professionals, and business leaders with the knowledge and strategies needed to seamlessly integrate ABM into their business operations. In today's fast-paced and data-driven landscape, mastering ABM is essential for driving tangible business outcomes and maximizing ROI. This virtual event will provide practical insights and actionable strategies to elevate event success, drive revenue growth, and transform business outcomes. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and take your ABM initiatives to new heights! Reserve your spot now to secure your place at the forefront of ABM excellence.

I. Opening Remarks:

Aaron Smith
Director of Marketing
ABM Co-Chair

II. 10 Tips to Grow ROI Using An ABM-Based Approach to IRL Events

In today's data-driven landscape, B2B marketers understand the importance of maximizing ROI from in-person events. This session will delve into actionable strategies rooted in ABM principles aimed at elevating event success and driving tangible business outcomes. Attendees will explore the power of strategic attendee selection, personalized engagement tactics, and post-event follow-up strategies to ensure every event interaction contributes to long-term revenue growth. With a focus on tight alignment between sales and marketing, participants will leave equipped to create impactful event experiences that generate both upper and lower-funnel revenue.

This session is designed to provide practical insights and strategies that have led to a significant 37% increase in close rates, showcasing the real-world impact of ABM-driven event campaigns as an integral part of the “ROI Mastery” discipline.

Key audience takeaways:

  • Understand the power of ABM in optimizing event strategies for maximum ROI
  • Learn how to strategically select and engage high-value accounts before, during, and after events.
  • Discover tactics to personalize event experiences and foster meaningful connections with key prospects.
  • Gain insights into measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of ABM-driven event campaigns.
  • Empower your team with practical tips and strategies to enhance future event planning and execution.


Hannah Diddams
Senior Vice President of Global B2B Marketing and Creative Studios
Business Insider

Anthony DeMaio
Senior Vice President of Sales
Business Insider

III. How Chevron Lubricants & Quarry piloted ABM with “No Compromises” 

In this session, Walt Collier (Americas Commercial Sector Manager, Chevron) and Peter Harrington (Sr. Director Demand Marketing, Quarry) will unpack how they applied the 8 tenets of Account-based Marketing to make Chevron Lubricants’ first ABM campaign a big success. (Spoiler alert: The campaign generated 97% account reach, 80% account engagement and significant new prospect pipeline).

Walt will share:

  • Why this approach was right for the opportunity
  • How he gained organizational buy-in and support from traditionally siloed marketing and sales teams, and
  • The impact the program has made on the broader organization.

Peter will reveal:

  • The decision process behind the tactics and channels employed
  • The campaign’s bold (and AI-powered) creative approach pushed well beyond industry norms, and
  • Key considerations that inform any ABM initiative, whether ramping up a new program or refining a disciplined practice.


Walt Collier
Americas Commercial Sector Brand Manager

Peter Harrington
Sr. Director Demand Marketing

IV. Closing Remarks:

Aaron Smith
Director of Marketing
ABM Co-Chair