Brand Building with Positioning and Activation (Half Day)

It is an intangible asset and yet your brand(s) is the most powerful contributor to the long term growth of your company’s bottom line.  It takes vigilance and a disciplined process to maintain and grow your brand equity.  To build differentiated brand positioning and to drive effective activation, your brand needs to have a discipline process around competitive analysis, brand analysis, and decision journey mapping. Without these disciplines, your brand equity may erode, falling victim to misaligned and ineffective marketing, poor marketing ROI, internal obstacles and misunderstandings.  

This workshop will help you to build brand assets that align with your customers’ needs and that will help establish a unique and own-able position in the marketplace.  It breaks down the key components of brand building in a way that will engage you, build your knowledge, and reveal practical insights and initiatives that you can use to build your brand and bottom line. The workshop concludes with lessons learned on how to effectively put these insights into motion with best practices and examples on how to activate you brand experience.

The workshop is highly interactive with ongoing class participation.  You get to apply the learnings to your brand through the use of highly effective tools.  This workshop is as engaging, informative, and instructive as it is fun.

This workshop is an excerpt of the ANA full day workshop “Art and Science of Brand Building: Driving Business Overnight and Your Brand over Time.”


Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is relevant for all experience levels. Those new to marketing will find this a great introduction to key essentials, while those with more experience will expand their knowledge with the insights gained via case histories and group work.

Workshop Benefits

As a result of this workshop, you and/or your team will be better able to

Increase marketing effectiveness gaining:

  • Insights and ideas that move your business forward
  • Deeper underrating of brand building to build your brand equity

Increase marketing efficiency by:

  • Utilizing an effective self-implementable tool set that you can use immediately to build your brand(s) assets and customer experience
  • Learning what works and doesn’t work with relevant case studies

Improve marketing ROI by:

  • Aligning your brand assets and brand experience with specific expectations and measurable outcomes

Download the full agenda here


Ed Faruolo

Ed Faruolo is the founder of VitaLincs, a consultancy that helps its clients increase their appeal within the markets they serve through interactive workshops and strategic consulting. His clients include major corporations and new ventures, such as MD Insider and The Good For You Network. Previously, Ed served as chief marketing officer at Cigna, where he led the worldwide brand transformation that established the company as a tier-one brand in the health and benefits category. And he was vice president of brand development at Lincoln Financial. Ed repositioned the Travelers brand as a diversified financial services enterprise, which helped attract the Citi acquisition.

Ed is an ANA Faculty member who has worked globally in locations ranging from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, to Plymouth, Wisconsin, for companies ranging from B-to-B to B-to-C, including Benjamin Moore Paint, Bush Beans, Touchstone Energy, and Outback.