Digital Metrics that Matter (Virtual)

How to Hit Your Business Goals by Focusing on the Digital Metrics that Matter
(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

The goal of this virtual workshop is to show you (and your team) how to make data driven decisions by measuring the digital metrics that can truly impact your company and help to drive better marketing ROI. Led by a growth mentor from the Techstars startup accelerator program, this workshop guides you through the “One Metric That Matters” process, from understanding the right Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) for your business model and lifecycle to rolling out the data-driven measurement structure that gets your entire team aligned around how to drive business results.

Whether you’re an e-commerce company in the growth stage of your lifecycle or an established well-known brand, this workshop will help you navigate the noisy and confusing world of data so you can focus on the KPIs that will drive change across your company. This workshop helps you craft a simple process and structure for implementing a new data-driven mindset and process into your existing workflow. You’ll walk away with the right tools and resources to easily manage your data and metrics.

This engaging, interactive workshop is packed with individual and team exercises, creative examples, and case studies. You will also have many opportunities to evaluate data-driven examples and hone in on your own technique. Throughout the session, you will discover what inspires and drives the best analytics teams as well as learning the pitfalls they have learned to avoid. Quite simply, this course will help you to be a better professional marketer with the ability to demonstrate the value of your campaigns.

Target Audience
This virtual workshop is for anyone who is involved in tracking the digital performance of their business. It’s a must-have workshop for teams that are looking to optimize their efforts and increase results through data-driven decisions. It can serve as a great introduction for those new to the world of performance metrics and a welcome refresher for seasoned professionals.

Virtual Workshop Benefits
As a result of this workshop, you and/or your team will be better able to do the following:
Increase marketing effectiveness by:

  • Learning how to find the one metric that will help your team make the right business decisions
  • Understanding why it pays to focus on one metric, and learning when that metric should change

Increase marketing efficiency by:

  • Learning how to become a data-driven professional with whom any team loves to work, especially finance

Improve marketing ROI by:

  • Learning how to inspire and plan action that gets your team to do work on the right tasks that will impact your business

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Jim Huffman

Jim Huffman is the co-founder and CEO at GrowthHit, a consultancy he created to help companies better understand and implement best-practice principles of technical marketing and data-driven growth. Jim gained deep client-side experience working as a growth marketing mentor for the famous startup accelerator Techstars and he teaches growth marketing to professionals through General Assembly. Jim has grown companies that have been featured by WSJ, Forbes, TechCrunch and Wired. As VP of Marketing at VC-backed TheTake, he was the sole growth marketer and grew their user base from 0 to 100,000 members and 3 million pageviews in under 18 months. At UrbanDaddy, Jim contributed to the award-winning “The Next Move” mobile application and grew their e-commerce initiative to over $5 million in sales as Head of E-commerce Merchandising.

Jim also leverages his experience by working with startup founders and marketing professionals at Startup Week Seattle and General Assembly NYC. Jim earned his bachelor’s degree from University of Kansas where he serves as a mentor to marketing and business students. Today, Huffman is based in Seattle, Washington, and is an active member of the ANA, Techstars and General Assembly.