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Integrated Marketing Around the Decision Journey (Virtual)

Customer-Focused Integrated Campaigns

(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

This virtual workshop helps you craft insight-driven customer decision journeys so you can develop customer-focused integrated campaigns.

The interactive workshop includes best practices, trends, insights, examples and case studies. You’ll learn best practices in common elements of a decision journey and how to develop relevant stages, touch points, and messaging to connect with customers at the moments that matter most.

Target Audience
Marketers who are new to the customer decision journey or looking to refresh their skills, and involved in campaign development including customer insights/behaviors, touch points and messaging.

This workshop is not relevant for those at an advanced experience journey map level and/or interested in elements outside of campaign development such as price, distribution, product innovation, etc.

Virtual Workshop Benefits
After attending this virtual workshop, marketers will be equipped to:

  1. Think from the customer’s perspective in a way that improves messaging and journey design
  2. Choose touch points strategically and make marketing more effective
  3. Understand customer emotions to craft relevant messaging
  4. Align messaging across stages and touch points

Download the full agenda here


  • Dina Shapiro

    Dina Shapiro is the founder of Yorkville Consulting. She is a member of the ANA Faculty with more than 20 years of marketing experience ranging across internal and external stakeholders and touchpoints. Dina teaches Elevating Your Creative, Optimizing Agency Relations, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Integrating Across the Organization.