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Optimizing the Creative Process (Virtual)

How to Inspire and Enable Your Agency to Develop Great Work
(Virtual Full Day Workshop)

Your creative process can make or break whether you go to market with a big idea that builds your business or a small idea that lacks relevance and engagement. Successful collaboration needs the right people involved, in the right way, at the right time. While many clients think they have a streamlined, effective creative process, agencies continue to voice concern.

It is well known and accepted that the agency brief is the foundation of the agency’s creative work. Less well known, or accepted, is that your client brief (also called assignment brief, project brief, campaign brief, etc.) drives development of the agency’s brief. For many agencies, the client brief is not sufficient and delivered through a quick email or call, or it’s way too lengthy with unnecessary, unfocused information.

Subpar client briefs combined with a lack of collaboration with agency partners leads to disappointing creative work, an inefficient process including extra rounds of creative revisions, and a frustrating relationship. Before incurring the time and costs of the agency developing creative concepts, ANA studies show that what agencies need most from their clients, is a more relevant, insightful brief, and dialogue with you throughout the creative process, especially in the beginning.

This workshop gives you best practices of an optimized creative process, whether you work with external and/or internal agencies or are new to the process or a seasoned professional looking for a refresher. You will gain vital skills to develop an effective, actionable client brief for your agency. You will learn how to give feedback to an agency’s brief and creative concepts, and “sell in” creative ideas internally.

Target Audience

Marketers who want to learn a best practice creative process, understanding both client and agency perspectives, from brief development through effective creative feedback to internal sell-in.

Virtual Workshop Benefits

  1. Learn best practices in client briefs, agency creative briefs and creative feedback
  2. Improve collaboration by aligning on creative direction prior to initiating creative development
  3. Decrease rounds of creative revisions through better upfront strategic alignment
  4. Reduce duplicative steps by engaging management through the process, from the client brief through internal sell-in
  5. Reduce turnover through more clear, insightful, inspiring briefs

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  • Dina Shapiro

    Dina Shapiro is the founder of Yorkville Consulting. She is a member of the ANA Faculty with more than 20 years of marketing experience ranging across internal and external stakeholders and touchpoints. Dina teaches Elevating Your Creative, Optimizing Agency Relations, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Integrating Across the Organization.