Advertising Production: What Marketers Need to Know During COVID - Virtual

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Seats are limited and confirmation of attendance will be required in advance of the session.

Managing the increase in content creation and stretching limited production budgets is a complex task. Now more than ever, it is vital marketers look at things differently and make informed decisions.

This virtual workshop will include:

  • Current trends and landscape during and post COVID-19
  • Evolving operating models including working directly with production partners
  • Defining an appropriate content production strategy
  • Planning for all media including budgeting, cost drivers and benchmarks
  • Production during COVID – how to participate effectively, virtually

Target Audience
This workshop is best suited for those accountable for content production, including brand marketers, advertising managers, in-house operations, and procurement or sourcing professionals.

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  • ANA Welcome & Workshop Overview (10 min)
  • Setting the Stage (10 min)
  • Current Trends & Production Landscape (30 min)
  • Planning for All Media (40 min)
  • Break (15 min)
  • Production During COVID (60 min)
  • Closing (15 min)



Jillian Gibbs

Jillian Gibbs is the CEO and Founder of Advertising Production Resources (aka APR Consulting), a global content creation optimization consultancy. She is a member of the ANA faculty since 2009 and has influenced the evolution and modernization of the production landscape. In 2020, Jillian is publishing a production guidebook for marketers. She and her dynamic team facilitate our content creation optimization and video/print/digital/social/experiential production workshops.