B2B Committee Midwest - Account-Based Marketing

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Get to the Heart of Account-Based Marketing

There's a lot to love about account-based marketing (ABM). It helps marketers attract the right type of prospects, build meaningful relationships and secure those all-important commitments. So it's no wonder ABM is fast becoming an essential part of any B2B marketing and sales strategy – with no sign of slowing down! In fact, 73% of marketers say they plan to increase their ABM budgets in 2020, according to a recent study by the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) and the ABM Leadership Alliance: Moving to ABM Maturity: 2019 ABM Benchmark Study (December 2019).

This February, jumpstart your 2020 ABM strategy by joining the B2B Committee Midwest Chapter to get the latest ideas and insights that help drive your efforts going forward. Whether you're just getting your ABM pilot off the ground or are looking to expand and optimize ABM, it's a great way to learn from and network with fellow ANA members, ABM experts, and practitioners.

Networking Breakfast
9:00am – 9:30am (CT)


Opening Remarks from ANA B2B Committee Chair 

Chris Vitrano
Chris Vitrano
Nelson Schmidt (Midwest Chapter Chair)


How Sales and Marketing Partnership Delivers Revenue Growth: An ABM Journey
A strong partnership between sales and marketing is key to ensuring success and growth. In this day and age when most sales teams resist using and maximizing their CRM, learn how First Midwest Bank overcame this challenge. Marketing working closely with their sales leaders to develop multiple prospecting and cross-sell campaigns which resulted in new leads as well as deepening wallet share.

This session will provide two case studies from inception (the mandate from the head of sales), to working with marketing on developing campaigns to help the sales process, and finally showcasing the solid results of the campaigns. One case study will focus on prospecting; the other will discuss cross-selling.

  • Learn how to work with senior sales leaders for buy in and accountability
  • What is the right criteria and measurement for an ABM journey
  • Putting together the journey: using the most compelling content for a campaign 

Lisa Randall
SVP, Director of Marketing
First Midwest Bank


Smart Start Account-Based Marketing: Launching and Optimizing the ABM Customer Journey.
Learn the essential ingredients of a steady-state ABM program that consistently puts your brand, messages and offers in front of qualified people at the right companies at the right time - all the time. As CEO of Overdrive Interactive, Harry J. Gold has a high-level view on the challenges marketers face and shares a tried-and-proven approach to getting ABM campaigns launched and organized into powerful customer journeys that bring prospects to your door and add dollars to your bottom line. Insights will include building and prioritizing an intent-based ABM target list, buying media that targets those exact companies and people at the right times, triggering nurture and sales campaigns from prospect behavior and creating a set of ABM metrics that you can take action against. Come ready to learn strategy and ABM tactics you can start using right away.

Harry Gold
Overdrive Interactive
Instructor, ANA Marketing Training & Development Center

Fording the ABM River
Developing a framework for Account-Based Marketing can be daunting – a bit like the Oregon Trail. You don’t really have a map, you realize along the way your Ox can’t carry the load, and you face attack by eager bandits. It’s tough out there for marketers!  Join Kerry Penny, Global Head of Digital and Michael Brackney, Marketing Technology and Client Insights Lead at Kearney as they share their 2-year ABM journey from one-off LinkedIn ads to full-fledged framework and the treacherous realities along the way. This session will help you:

  • Define different ABM approaches
  • Consider how the buyer’s journey layers in
  • Define roles and responsibilities across your marketing org
  • Realize you’re not alone – this is hard!

Kerry Penny
Global Head of Digital Marketing

Michael Brackney
Marketing Technology and Client Insights Lead


Roundtable Discussion
One of the benefits of ANA Committees is the ability to share and learn from fellow marketers in a “closed-door” environment and to leverage and share knowledge and insights with marketing peers. Often times, many marketers have similar challenges so come prepared to talk about key areas of focus and the challenges tied to your initiatives tied to customer-centricity.