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Speaker: Paul P. Robinson, Director, Commerce & Content Marketing, ANA

I. Session 1:  Gallant Problem Slaying (GPS) in the Wayside World of Sports (9:45AM – 10:30AM)
At ESPN and The Walt Disney Company, the term “brand solutions” is a strategic admission that creative content is not merely content for creativity’s sake, but rather content that answers a problem (or series of problems) presented by the client-brand and its environment. Brian C. Price, ANA content marketing committee co-chair and TWDC’s executive director of brand solutions, will wake you up with a riveting, real-life tale of how maintaining a Gallant Problem Slayer (GPS) mindset – all while being forced to navigate on the edges of the lane, through the hazardous terrain adjacent to the road, and sometimes altogether off the intended path to a creative solution – yielded countless valuable learnings and ultimately guided his team to create a trailblazing, “industry-first” custom content campaign for a movie studio partner that featured some of the most electrifying names in film and sports.

Speaker: Brian C. Price, Executive Director, Entertainment + Sports Brand Solutions, The Walt Disney Company

COFFEE BREAK (10:30AM – 10:45AM)

II. Session 2: From Creators to Coolers, Niche-focused communities with passionate and deeply engaged audiences are emerging as powerful new platforms for Brands. (10:45AM – 11:45AM) 
This interview-style panel will explore the continued move away from ‘reach’ to engagement found when harness the passion points of highly targeted niche-communities with authentic creative content.  Hosted by Jennifer Lim , Pelican Consumer Products, Director of Consumer Marketing and includes 3 panelists from online niche-lifestyle media brands Obsesh Media, Donut Media, and Famileague. The panelists will share insights on how brands and Creators narrow-cast content into millennial and gen Z audiences online successfully at scale.


  • The importance and opportunities of building storytelling content for niche-communities online.
  • How new media brands develop custom content with Creators to leverage their star power and activate content beyond sponsored posts.
  • Developing content that entertains an on-demand generation
  • How to connect your brand ethos to an emotional-driven audience.
  • Measuring ROI: Return on Influencer

Jennifer Lim, Director of Marketing, Pelican Products Consumer Division
Tracy Benson, CEO & FounderObsesh Media
Matt Levin, 
CEO & Founder, Donut Media
Aimee Helfand, 
CEO & Founder, Famileague

LUNCH (12:00PM – 12:45PM)

III. Session 3 - Capturing a Content Moments Interview with TikTok Star (12:45PM-1:30PM)

Hear from Influences CEO Ariadna Jacobs and emerging TikTok star Brittany Tomlinson as they provide insights and advice on learning your audience and creating content that will keep followers interested and engaged. This conversation will also explore how to capture a cultural moment in time in hopes of adding to the viral nature of your content.

Ariadna Jacob,
CEO & Founder, Influences 
Brittany Tomlinson, Talent