Experiential Marketing

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I. Rendering to Reality: How Individual Brands Were Brought to Life Through One Central Theme  (9:40AM – 10:30AM)
This year, MillerCoors partnered with agencyEA for their annual Distributor Conference Brand Reception and created an immersive brand showcase for 22 brands. The convention center was transformed through booth build-outs with engaging activations and multi-sensory entertainment that highlighted the attributes of the products and their target audiences. How do you tie together the unique personalities and goals of multiple brands at one event for 3,000 attendees? Discover how the custom booths were designed and executed, and learn how to create a cohesive attendee experience while maintaining the identities and priorities of each brand. 

Lisa Zimmer, 
Beer Culture & Community Manager, MillerCoors
Rick Cosgrove, 
Executive Creative Director, agencyEA

COFFEE BREAK (10:30AM – 10:45AM)

II. Powersports Marketing: A 360 Approach (10:45AM – 11:35AM)
Learn how Allstate takes marketing from mass media channels down to 1:1 and the tactics related to experiential marketing in the events for Allstate Motorcycle.

Katie Crudele, 
Associate Marketing Manager, Consumer Marketing, Allstate

III. From an Austin Field to Full-Grown Fandom: How Rooster Teeth Built a Gaming Mecca (11:35AM – 12:25PM)
What started as a gathering of Rooster Teeth (RT) superfans in a field in Austin bonding over their love of all things RT has quickly grown to an annual mecca, RTX (Rooster Teeth Convention) -- the largest gathering of gaming, animation and internet culture around. While their friendships formed around shared passions through RT's digital community, these consumers yearned to connect IRL, successfully driving RTX Austin to grow to 65K fans and championing RTX events in London and Sydney. Partners such as HP and AT&T soon joined the community by developing activations in partnership with Fullscreen that add to the experience in meaningful ways. However, connecting with this traditionally unreachable audience is not an easy feat. Hear insights on leveraging this passionate community to create brand advocates while avoiding the pitfalls of traditional activations. 

Jenny Wiener, 
VP, Strategic Brand Partnerships, Fullscreen

In this session we will discuss the various aspects of promoting your brand utilizing the relationships you have with your customers. ANA Relationship Marketing Committee members will also have an opportunity to network and discuss key issues such as Technology, Measurement and Social Engagement.

Richard Feldman, 
Director, Brand Activation, ANA