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Promotion Marketing Committee Meeting



I.  Driving Brand Consumption Through the Sports Viewing Occasion (9:45AM – 10:30AM)
The sports viewing occasion is engrained in human behavior.  Year over year, Heineken has used a mix of branding and digital engagement to make the viewing and the drinking occasion synonymous to ensure growth.  Join Mike Batiste, President of Life in Mobile, for a discussion about how human behavior guided the evolution of the Heineken Soccer digital activations on a national and regional level to continually drive the brands position within the sport.

Mike Batiste, President, Life in Mobile

II. NFL Sponsorship Overview (10:45AM - 11:30AM)
In this session Michael Brown, Director of Business Development for the NFL will provide an overview of NFL sponsorship how sponsors can leverage a league relationship to drive business results.

Michael Brown, Director of Business Development, NFL

III. IBM Watson as a Game Changer in Sports and Entertainment Partnerships (11:45am - 12:30PM)
Data-driven decisions are always smart decisions, and thanks to cutting-edge technology properties, teams, and fans are poised to make smarter decisions than ever before. But what about the 'unstructured' data that does not fit into spreadsheets? Like video, written words, crowd noise, player gestures and facial expressions? IBM's Watson technology is helping sports and entertainment businesses solve some of their thorniest challenges, and in the process, is setting the stage to revolutionize the live event experiences for players, fans and broadcasters. David Gaspar, Managing Director of DDG, is working with IBM leading the charge to partner with the world's top events in their moments of cultural significance and put IBM's Watson at the center of this AI revolution. David will also share how AI is creating smarter, more responsive and personalized live event experiences and how this new frontier will ultimately help you spend your sports marketing dollars more wisely.

David Gaspar, Managing Director, DDG

IV. Lunch and Roundtable Discussion (12:30PM – 1:15PM)
In this session we will discuss the latest methods of promoting your brand directly to consumers unique and unexpected ways. ANA Promotion Marketing Committee members will also have an opportunity to network and discuss key issues such as Technology, Measurement and Social Engagement.

Richard Feldman, Director of Brand Activation, ANA