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INTRODUCTIONS (9:45-10:00am)

I. How Citi Takes A Customer-Centric Approach to Understanding Pain Points (10:00-10:45am)
Pam Kornfeld, Director, Head of Digital Servicing at Citibank North America, will share how Citi takes a customer-centric approach to understanding customer needs by leveraging customer pain points and customer insights to identify issues. Pam will share a case study example to explain Citi’s process of mapping out the current state, determining the future state once they have identified a problem, and launching a digital feature to monitor subsequent behavior.
Speaker: Pam Kornfeld, Director, Head of Digital Servicing, Citibank

II. Storytelling for Change: National Geographic’s Planet or Plastic? Campaign to Rally Climate Action (10:45 - 11:30am)
Each year, 9 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean. In order to inspire the next generation to reduce their plastic consumption, National Geographic launched a multiyear “Planet or Plastic?” initiative and joined forces with Wattpad to raise awareness of the plastic crisis through the most effective forms of communication: storytelling. They invited the Wattpad community of over 80 million readers and writers to use creative storytelling to inspire social change. This session will outline how National Geographic’s campaign aimed at addressing this urgent problem inspired a global community to take action.
Speaker: Chris Stefanyk, Head of Brand Partnerships, Wattpad

BREAK (11:30-11:40am)

III. Connecting Consumer Experiential Marketing to Digital Engagement (11:40am - 12:25pm)
Connecting with new consumers out of store environments and traditional marketing channels like social, has become more and more important in the retail landscape. Experiential marketing is driving relevancy and consideration, especially with a millennial consumer who values experiences. Kohl's developed a fresh take on holiday window shopping for consumers during the height of holiday shopping in NYC and connected it with a first-to-market AI experience in partnership with Snapchat to engage those consumers that couldn't attend live.
Speaker: Andrea Port, Director, Public Relations & Social Marketing, Kohl's

LUNCH (12:25 - 1:10pm)


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