Relationship Marketing

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Relationship Marketing Committee Meeting
Building relationships with customers today revolves around tying multiple channels together with good data metrics and a unifying digital presence. This committee will explore examples of programs from some of the top consumer brands and discuss theories for the ways to integrate into social media.


I. Case Study: Using Data to Deliver A Better Customer Experience (9:40AM – 10:30AM)
In this presentation, Dylan Flye will give us an industry overview on hot trends and why 2018 was a paradigm year for customer data. He will also touch on how companies are winning and losing and what the winners are getting right. 

Dylan Flye, Head of Sales, Simon Data


COFFEE BREAK (10:30AM – 10:45AM)

II. Building Relationships Through the Power of Music (10:45AM – 11:35AM)
Music encourages loyalty. Musical feelings are often considered more powerful than language and this is something that marketers can take advantage of when trying to connect with consumers on an emotional level. It’s an huge emotional touchpoint for millennials and a great way to connect with them.

Jason Wiley, Chief Strategist, TID Agency

III. Relationship Marketing Panel (11:35AM – 12:15PM)
Richard Feldman, Director of Brand Activation at the ANA will lead a panel discussion with the other presenters on using digital and social to drive and deepen consumer relationships regardless of the brand activation channels utilized in your marketing program.

Richard Feldman, 
Director, Brand Activation, ANA
Dylan Flye,
Head of Sales, Simon Data
Jason Wiley,
Chief Strategist, TID Agency