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I. Session 1: The New Mama’s Little Helper (9:30AM – 10:15AM)
Lindsey Noble, BuzzFeed's Senior Research Manager, will show marketers the opportunities brands and publishers have to use technology, digital and social media to help today’s high stress moms as they move through their different life stages and children’s ages. Technology and content continue to make mom’s lives easier by simplifying everyday tasks – from connecting with other moms via social networks, to ordering grocery delivery and finding that perfect outfit. Lindsey’s presentation will show how marketers can leverage these opportunities to build loyalty with today’s moms.

Speaker: Lindsey Noble, Senior Research Manager – Market, & Brand Research, BuzzFeed

II. Session 2: How Major Brands are Leveraging Fiction-less Commerce on Instagram (10:15AM – 11:00AM)
Mobile commerce is projected to grow 20 percent YOY through 2020, but consumers continue to cite "ease of use" as a challenge. In 2019, POPSUGAR, the No. 1 most engaged-with Women’s Lifestyle site in the U.S. [Comscore, November 2019], wanted to help advertisers leverage innovative commerce solutions that solves this problem. The result was Sparkle – a suite of mini apps, which ensure marketers are engaging consumers with the best possible shopping experience from their phone. The inspiration for Sparkle was to help ease the friction within the "Swipe Up" user experience from Instagram Stories. The PopSugar Labs team recognized the need to offer consumers an efficient and cohesive shopping experience when swiping up from Instagram Stories. Today, Sparkle extends beyond Instagram Stories into all digital marketing activities (i.e. paid social, display, email, etc.). Hear from mobile-first experts at POPSUGAR's parent company, Group Nine Media, about how Campbell's and a global cleaning brand are leveraging Sparkle and recognizing that the future of shopping is increasingly shifting to mobile.

Notable attributes:
• Mobile-optimized page
• Allow consumers to choose which retailer to checkout from (Walmart, Amazon, Kohl’s, Shopify, and The Gap, among others) 
• Append 3rd party pixel tracking for re-targeting
• Customize the look and feel of the Sparkle page
• Ability to merchandise multiple product SKUs in a single cohesive experience

Speaker: Chris Anthony, SVP – Brand Partnerships, Group Nine/PopSugar

III. Session 3: Can Digital Unlock New Opportunities at Physical Retail? (11:15-11:45 AM) 
Technology has shifted the retail paradigm, giving rise to a new set of possibilities that can help make the shopper’s journey more effective and enjoyable. The e-commerce possibilities are many, and evolving daily. But what about shopping in physical retail, where 90 percent of all purchases still take place? How can technology and digital help, or hurt, there?

According to our latest study, shoppers are adopting digital technologies in their physical retail shopping trips at a breathtaking pace. And yet for all the trial and adoption, many retailers and brands are struggling to deliver the intuitive, engaging, easier experiences that shoppers seek, and reward.

This presentation reveals how shoppers indicate digital is changing the game at physical retail, what’s working, what’s not, and lessons marketers can take way in the age of digital transformation.

What you’ll learn
• What are the digital pain points shoppers experience at retail?
• What are the new experiences digital is unlocking that shoppers love?
• Can physical retail and digital together create a better experience, than either alone?

Speaker: Peter Cloutier, Growth & Strategic Partnerships, ChaseDesign

IV. Session 4: The Curated Online Commerce Experience (11:45 AM-1:00PM)
Vendor brand advertising within Retailers’ online stores is a channel for brands to promote products within a curated retail commerce experience. It’s a natural progression for advertising and commerce. A private marketplace approach designed for the retailer accelerates brand commerce and delivers a new source of revenue through relevant ads in premium placements. Kroger, The Home Depot and others are leveraging Microsoft PromoteIQ for this purpose. PromoteIQ Commerce Marketing adds to Microsoft’s offerings in the key commerce pillar areas of Know Your Customer, Empower Your People, Optimize Operations, and Retail Reinvention.

Speaker: Robin Laylin, Advertising & Search Solutions for Retail Commerce,  Microsoft