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Paul Robinson 
 Director of the Commerce Committee, ANA

I. The New Era of Shopper Marketing Measurement (11:15AM – 12:00PM)
For as long as Shopper Marketing has been in existence, the industry has struggled to effectively prove effectiveness versus more traditional marketing practices. Today, as the lines continue to blur between brand and shopper marketing, bricks and clicks, and consumer versus shopper mindsets – measuring program effectiveness can seem like an impossible task. Yet, with more and more dollars focused on conversion, advanced measurement is more important than ever. We’ll highlight ways marketers can better measure shopper efforts including:

• Differentiating ROI versus effectiveness
• Defining soft versus hard metrics
• Assessing short term drivers versus long term equity
• Proving success internally

David Hubert – Director of Digital Analytics, Blue Chip
Ellen Rudman – VP, Business Intelligence, Blue Chip 

II. What Journey – Retail or Otherwise -- isn’t Powered by Weather? (12:00PM – 12:45PM)
Weather impacts everyone every day from the practicality of how consumers plan their day to the correlation between weather and mood. The question is not are you considering how the weather is influencing shoppers and their consumer journey, the question is why aren’t you? We know from research that our consumers check the weather multiple times per day, demonstrating its power to shape our long- and short-term decision-making. Learn how leading brands and retailers are using weather and weather insights to outperform the competition, enhancing everything from marketing to supply chain to staffing and safety.

What you'll learn:
How weather is impacting shoppers and their buying habits?
How can weather and weather data act as drivers for your business over simply economic and historical data?
What weather triggers you can prepare for this holiday season?

Michelle Harmon-Madsen  Chief Marketing Officer, AccuWeather