Joint Shopper / Commerce & Experiential Marketing

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Today’s consumer doesn’t want to just buy products – they want an experience, a story, a reason to part with their hard-earned money. Given the challenges facing any brand, whether sold at retail, direct, online or otherwise, to gain the customer’s attention, building experiences into the commerce interaction is more critical now than ever. Brands that recognize these changing preferences can combine the best practices of commerce and experiential marketing to engage consumers, make connections, and boost sales. Today’s committee meeting focuses on the intersection of these two Brand Activation marketing disciplines and will feature case-studies and strategies from brands who have successfully integrated these approaches to create shopper interactions that surprise and delight, reduce buyer friction and create meaningful interactions that transcend the transaction.


I. Session 1: Building Brands Through High End Leadership at Retail (12:15PM - 1:00PM) 
Constellation Brands’ mission is ”Building Brands That People Love.” That mission has been translated into industry-leading growth through our strategic focus on leadership of the high-end category segment across Beer, Wine & Spirits, including iconic brands like Corona, Modelo, Robert Mondavi and more. When it comes to retail, that means looking and activating like the high-end leader in every consumer or shopper experience – from shelf to sip. Our integrated approach to retail programming strives to build brand equity, while connecting shoppers to our brand experience to drive sales in a highly competitive and regulated environment. E-commerce is a developing frontier for alcohol, which presents a unique opportunity for our brands to shape that landscape to our advantage.
Kevin Enos, Director, Trade Marketing, Constellation Brands 
Sara Master, Director, E-Commerce, Constellation Brands 
Jackie Burke, Director, Trade Marketing (Off-Premise National Accounts), Constellation Brands 


II. Session 2: Creating In-Store Experiences That Drive Traffic and Sales  (1:45PM - 2:30PM)
Internationally known for the 4th of July Fireworks and the Thanksgiving Day Parade, part of Macy’s marketing strategy is to create and execute a robust year-long in-store event marketing strategy. Hear how Macy’s curates “retailtainment” moments that attract consumers in-store and help to drive sales with a multi-channel approach 
Speaker: Jennifer Wilkins, Director, Special Events, Macy's Inc.

III. Session 3: Delivering the Right Message to the Right Customer at the Right Time (2:30PM - 3:15PM)
McDonald’s sees millions of customers per day across multiple channels, but the majority are still cash-based and remain unknown. Through the use of consumer behavioral insights, customer journey mapping and a combination of analog and digital elements, McDonald’s is working to deliver the right message at the right time in every interaction. Hunger is a very functional need, but with the proliferation of QSR competitors and other meal solution methods, we believe that we need to leverage the pillars of data-informed strategies, creative excellence and facilitative technologies/platforms to create a connection with our customers that goes beyond simply satisfying their stomachs.
Betsy Zurek, Director of Retail Experience, McDonald’s U.S. Marketing
Tania Wendt, SVP Engagement & Strategy, The Marketing Store

COFFEE BREAK (3:15PM - 3:30PM)

IV. Session 4: The Story of Carvana: The Power of Omnichannel (3:30PM - 4:15PM)
Touted as the “Amazon of Cars” by Fortune, Carvana is shaking up the car buying experience – and the advertising industry along the way! Through one-of-a-kind events, industry-first Car Vending Machines and creative promotions, Carvana connects with its audience in fresh and highly personal ways. Join Henrik Johansson, CEO & Co-Founder of Boundless, and Kelsey Herrett, of Carvana, to hear how the two partner together to create explosive brand growth utilizing the power of omnichannel marketing.
Alex Gold, Head of Business Development, Boundless Network

HAPPY HOUR (4:15PM - 6:00PM)