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Welcome and Introductions (11:00am - 11:15am ET)

CARE and P&G Cracked the Code. Creating Campaigns that Move the Needle. (11:15am - 11:50am)
In a crowded landscape, how amazing would it be for your campaign to hold the #1 share of voice?

To break through the crowded market, capture the attention of your stakeholders and move them to action.

Procter & Gamble and CARE did just that for International Women’s Day with their #WomenKnowHow campaign.

Leveraging their immense accomplishments, CARE’s AVP of Corporate Partnerships, Chris Noble will share behind-the-scenes insights into their success and how your brand can too.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create cross-sector partnerships that result in outcomes greater than the sum of their parts
  • Strategies for identifying and utilizing the unique strengths of varied partners to generate programming that reaches critical audiences
  • What true partnerships look like to achieve shared communication goals in corporate-cause partnerships
  • How companies can tell more effective, ethically sourced stories about the “S” in their ESG programs

Speaker: Chris Noble, AVP of Corporate PartnershipsCARE USA

Whisky with a Higher Purpose (11:50am - 12:25pm ET)

When founding Maker’s Mark in 1953, Bill and Margie Samuels, shared the conviction that what’s best for the people and the land is also best for the bourbon, the business and the brand. Long before it was popular or fashionable, ‘Higher Purpose’ was the ideal that pulsed through every aspect of the bourbon’s inception. This enduring belief not only set the brand apart from the beginning but guides the vision and innovation to this day.

Join Kim Harmon, General Manager of Maker’s Mark Distillery and Ad Age Breakout Brand Leader, to hear more about how the world’s largest B Corp and Regenified Certified Distillery and Bourbon continues to push the boundaries of the industry through its many “Force For Good” initiatives and Jennifer Billiot Garrett, VP Group Brand Strategy Director at Doe-Anderson, who shares why it matters to people and brands more than ever.

Jennifer Billiot Garrett
VP and Group Brand Strategy Director - Doe Anderson
Kim Harmon
General Manager - Maker's Mark Distillery

Closing Remarks (12:25pm - 12:35pm)

**Schedule subject to change


Chris Noble, AVP, Corporate Partnerships - CARE USA
Chris leads corporate partnerships at CARE USA, a global humanitarian organization working to help more than 90 million people each year – with an emphasis on reaching women and girls - in 100 countries around the world. Chris has more than 20 years of experience running high tech startups and has built his career around identifying, championing, and executing new ideas including launching new businesses, marketing campaigns, and products. Previously, Chris led Matchfire which harnesses consumer engagement for social impact. Matchfire is an award-winning agency that has run more than 900 campaigns and raised more than $100 million for charity by bringing brands, celebrities, and nonprofits together with digital media. Chris has spoken on the topics of Startups, Fundraising, Cause Marketing, and Social Good in Social Media at SXSW, Blogworld, The Cause Marketing Forum, Ignite Shanghai, re: Think Hawaii, Gravity Summit, Web 2.0, NCVS, and more.

Jennifer Billiot Garrett, VP and Group Brand Strategy Director - Doe Anderson
Jennifer Billiot Garrett, vice president and Group Brand Strategy Director at Doe Anderson, has 18 years of industry experience.  She has navigated business challenges and advanced purpose journeys for Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods, Chipotle and more. Jennifer co-founded a consultancy serving clients in conservation and a cross-agency coalition, “Creatives for Conservation,” and leads brand strategy for B Corp, Regenified Certified client, Maker’s Mark. Based near Nashville, Tenn., with her husband and son, Jenn also is a published poet and songwriter, who actively advocates for the planet.

Kim Harmon
General Manager - Maker's Mark Distillery
Kim Harmon is the first woman to serve at General Manager of Maker’s Mark Distillery. She began her career at Maker’s Mark in March 2019 as the Distillery’s Director of Safety and Sustainability. Having always had a passion for the environment, in her current role Kim oversees all aspects of the brand’s operations, ensuring consistency across signature and time- honored processes, while further embedding sustainability into the everyday at the Maker’s Mark Distillery.

As a native Kentuckian, Kim is no stranger to bourbon. Her introduction to the spirits industry began at Heaven Hill Distillery.

After twenty-one years there, Kim started her work with the parent company of Maker’s Mark, Beam Suntory, serving as the company’s Health and Safety Manager. This role led her to Maker’s Mark, where she has been a driving force behind the Distillery’s sustainability mission, “Make Your Mark. Leave No Trace™.”

During her time with Maker’s Mark, Kim has pioneered sustainability initiatives, culminating in the brand’s official B Corp™ Certification, which was announced in January 2022. With Kim’s expertise, Maker’s Mark has become the largest distillery in the world to achieve this esteemed accolade and through her dedicated work, she hopes to inspire other distilleries in Kentucky and across the world to take seriously the issue of sustainability and environmental impact throughout the industry. In 2023, Kim was honored as an Ad Age Breakout Brand Leader.

Kim graduated from Bellarmine College with a B.A. in Biology along with her M.B.A. and earned her Master of Environmental Management at Duke University. Kim resides in Springfield, Kentucky, is the proud mother of two sons, and continues to diligently share her sustainability knowledge with her family, friends, and community.