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I. What is the Open Internet? And what does it mean for marketers?  (11:30AM-12:15PM ET)
The Open Internet has been an unprecedented engine for economic growth, cultural development, and self-expression. To continue this impact, both governments and industry should ensure their approaches to addressing challenges like online harm are thoughtful and grounded in principles tied to transparency, choice, and competition. In this session, you'll hear about a range of challenges related to the regulation of the digital media landscape, how they intersect with issues of competition, content moderation, and the role and responsibilities of services like Twitter. Then, we'll explore how principles of the Open Internet inform Twitter's approach to brand safety and suitability, and what this all means for marketers. 
Please see this pre-read on the Open Internet.

Caitlin Rush, Global Lead, Brand Safety Specialists, Twitter
Nick Pickles, Head of Public Policy Strategy, Development and Partnerships, Twitter

II. Creating Memorable Virtual Experiences (12:15PM-1:00PM ET)
Connecting with audiences virtually is here to stay. Brands can capitalize on incorporating virtual experiences into campaigns, but how can they overcome the burnout many audiences feel from constant virtual interaction? In this presentation, you'll learn how to differentiate your brand through innovative digital experiences, how to incorporate digital experiences into offline events to extend audience engagement past one interaction, and what measurement tools and capabilities are needed to successfully execute a virtual experience and leverage audience data captured.

Jennifer Burns, Senior Director, Candidate Brand and Marketing - Discover Financial Services


Caitlin Rush, Global Head of Brand Safety Strategy, Twitter
Caitlin Rush leads Twitter's global brand safety strategy, ensuring advertiser safety and suitability needs and concerns are addressed in policy and product development, and representing Twitter in industry forums, such as GARM. Prior to this role, she worked on Twitter's Client Solutions team in the government and causes vertical, building the foundation of her expertise at the intersection of advertising, policy, and safety. Before joining Twitter she worked in the U.S. House of Representatives and at public affairs firms consulting clients in highly regulated industries. She graduated from Penn State with distinction with degrees in marketing and public relations.

Nick Pickles, Head of Public Policy Strategy, Development and Partnerships, Twitter
Nick Pickles is the Senior Director of Global Public Policy Strategy, Development and Partnerships at Twitter, leading the company's thinking and strategic work on critical issues at the intersection of tech, public policy, and politics. Previously, he was Head of Public Policy for Twitter in the U.K. and before that the director of the civil liberties and privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch.

A law graduate from the University of Durham, he has been a prominent voice in many of the global discussions about technology policy, including the protection of the Open Internet, the establishment of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism and the Christchurch Call, and has testified numerous times on a wide range of issues.

He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an internationally published music photographer, and is a board member of the nonprofits BBC Media Action and the Technology Coalition.