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Multicultural Marketing & Diversity

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Networking Breakfast (9:00-9:45am ET)| IN-PERSON ONLY 

Welcome and Introductions (9:45-9:50am ET)| IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL 
Karim AmadeoDirector, Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives - ANA

Committee Roundtable Discussion
(9:50-10:10am ET)| IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL 

I. Penguin Publishing Group's Multicultural Marketing Practice (10:10-10:55am)| IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL

Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House, will discuss how they built a new multicultural marketing practice by understanding the challenges and needs of 150 marketers and publicists across the division.

Susette BrooksDirector of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy - Penguin Publishing Group

II. Danone Expands Their Multicultural Marketing Efforts (10:55-11:40am ET)| IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL

Danone North America prioritizes strategic investment in diverse owned platforms like Canela Media to drive purposeful reach and relevance across its food and beverage portfolio.

Mike Sallette, VP of Media Connections and Partnerships - Danone North America
Laurel Bright, Director of Activia Brand Marketing - Danone North America
Kelly Howard, Director of Planning - Wavemaker
Oswald Mendez, CMO - Canela Media

III. Context! The Key to Unlock Relevancy (11:40-12:25pm ET)| IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL 

Let’s reframe how we think about multiculturalism. Context matters. The Salon, a newly formed Context Consultancy within The Interpublic Group, will share new thinking on the importance of context and how it can help marketers reach rapidly changing audiences, and drive brand relevance. It showcases a fresh way to look at insight development and highlights the critical role of context, and how marketers can improve their understanding of their customers and develop more effective strategies.

Reza Rostampisheh (He/Him), Principal Strategist, The Salon
Michael Shawn Tucker (He/Him), Managing Director, The Salon

Closing Remarks (12:25-12:30pm ET)| IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL
Karim Amadeo
Director, Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives ANA

Lunch (12:30-1:30pm ET)| IN-PERSON ONLY


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