Relationship Marketing

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Breakfast & Introductions (9:00am-9:45am ET) | IN-PERSON ONLY

Opening Remarks (9:45am - 9:50am) | IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL
Gena Casciano, Senior Director - ANA

 Roundtable Discussion (9:50am - 10:00am) | IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL

I. BetMGM - Taking Sports and Gaming to the Next Level (10:00am - 10:40am) | IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL

Sports betting and iGaming is growing at an exponential rate and by 2026, analysts expect it to be a $144B industry. BetMGM, a market leader in the sports betting and iGaming space, is bringing the excitement of betting at an MGM Resort online.  Via the BetMGM mobile app or in BetMGM retail sportsbooks, consumers can bet on sports, access casino games or play a hand of poker. Hear how BetMGM is pioneering the online gaming industry by employing an omnichannel approach that has helped grow and retain their market leader position, driving customer engagement through all product verticals. 

Claus Hansen, Senior Director, CRM - BetMGM

II. The Data That Proves the Need for a Relationship Marketing Strategy (10:40am - 11:20am) | IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL

In 2023, consumers expect brands to build stronger relationships based on trust and anchored in personalization. The 2023 Consumer Trends Index surveyed 10,000 global consumers to understand exactly what they demand of their favorite brands. The results reveal exactly how brands can grow better relationships with consumers via advertising, email and SMS channels, through a value exchange, by collecting zero-party data as well as via loyalty programs. Join us as we highlight some of the most important stats to help you bolster your relationship marketing strategy and hear how brands such as Starbucks, American Airlines and HGTV are succeeding in building deeper connections with their total addressable audience.

Tim Glomb, VP, Global Content - Marigold

III. Maintaining Brand Strength with an Ever-Changing Consumer Base (11:20am - 12:00pm) | IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL

In certain industries, including the baby gear industry, the timeline of when consumers are actively using the product/service is limited to only a few months or years. This poses a unique challenge for marketers to build strong, lucrative relationships with consumers during that limited time frame, and build a strong enough bond that those consumers will become advocates. Even for products and services with short timelines for usage, relationship marketing is an important tool. BabyBjörn will share insights and techniques practiced and honed over the years which have helped make it the top of mind brand in its space and one of the baby products most recommended by parents to parents

Colleen Gibson, Marketing Director - BabyBjörn North America

Closing Remarks (12:00pm - 12:10pm ET) | IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL
Gena Casciano, Senior Director - ANA

Lunch & Networking (12:10pm-1:30pm ET) | IN-PERSON ONLY

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Claus Hansen, Senior Director of CRM, BetMGM
Claus is spearheading the retention strategy across the sports betting and gaming verticals at BetMGM, based in Jersey City. Having worked with retention marketing and CRM in the online gambling space the last decade on a global scale, Claus has seen how the industry has evolved and what constitute success in a highly competitive environment which ultimately brought him to the U.S. to lead BetMGM’s retention efforts back in 2019. Holding a master’s degree in international marketing and management from Copenhagen Business School and University of Bocconi in Milan, Claus is extremely passionate about data and how to put that at the forefront of decision-making processes in a scalable environment.

Tim Glomb, VP Global Content, Marigold
Tim is a 20+ year brand marketer living at the intersection of content, technology and psychographic data. His experience as a change agent and dynamic team leader has proven to deliver cutting edge, differentiating strategies for the likes of Mark Cuban Companies, several global brands and most recently as VP Global Content Marigold, a global relationship marketing platform. In an age where data drives action, yet the consumer landscape lives on ever-shifting sands, Tim’s ability to utilize innovation while focusing on business outcomes sets him apart from your cookie-cutter marketing execs. Tim is also a prominent voice in the movement to adopt zero-party data within a relationship marketing strategy.

Colleen Gibson, Marketing Director, BabyBjörn North America
Colleen has spent her career driving marketing and communications strategy at iconic premium consumer brands. Her experience managing both large legacy brands and innovative cult favorite brands brings unique insights that drive her approach to marketing. As a compelling leader, Colleen oversees the North American Marketing Team for BabyBjörn, driving creative strategies for upholding brand values, building relationships, and reaching new audiences.