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III. Mobile Advertising: Are You Losing Millions to Fraud? (11:20AM - 12:20PM)
In this session, the performance marketing team from Uber, as well as technical experts and its in-house and outside legal counsel at Reed Smith, will share the story of the groundbreaking Uber v. Phunware lawsuit and Uber's related litigation campaign. After Uber suspected that its ad networks had perpetrated extensive mobile advertising fraud, Uber filed suit against them. You'll learn Uber's early suspicions regarding the mobile advertising traffic they had been buying from its networks, the details of the investigation, the subsequent lawsuits, and the unbelievable evidence uncovered in the suits including the complicated technical proof and Uber's victory on its motion for sanctions. With time for Q&A, the presentation will conclude with a focus on best practices for advertisers to avoid advertising fraud, and ways to recover for prior fraud.

Randall Haimovici, Director, Litigation, Uber
Bennett Rosenblatt, Performance Marketing Lead, Uber
John Bovich, Partner, Reed Smith
Grant Simmons , VP Client Analytics, Kochava

IV. The ANA Programmatic Transparency Study (12:20PM - 1:00PM)
Earlier this summer the ANA issued an RFP to conduct a major study into the programmatic supply chain to identify areas of outage and waste and deliver solutions for advertisers. As part of the RFP process, it was discovered that as little as 26 percent of an advertiser’s programmatic budget may result in actual viewable impressions. As part of this pending study the ANA will shortly be recruiting advertisers to participate in this study. In this session you will learn more about the study and how you can participate in and benefit from what will be another groundbreaking ANA study.   

Mark Stewart
, Senior Vice President, Media, ANA
Derek Baker
, Principal, Marketing Transformation, PwC