ANA Launches Revitalized Marketing Skills Training Program for 2007

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) announced today their updated 2007 marketing skills training platform.

Marketing skills training is the foundation for optimum marketing organization management. As CMO's consistently look to improve the quality of their organization's decision making process, training is often the appropriate foundation. To insure ANA members keep pace in the rapidly evolving marketing and media landscapes, ANA encourages its members to update and refresh their skill sets.

ANA's 2007 training programs provide client-side marketers with a 360-degree approach to marketing in the digital age and updated to cover cornerstone industry topics such as brand building, marketing accountability, integrated marketing communications, media management, strategy, marketing finance, and marketing plan development.

"Marketing is continuously being reinvented and the companies that embrace professional training will give their marketing teams the opportunity to adapt to today's changing environment," said Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the Association of National Advertisers. "Our updated marketing skills training curriculum further emphasizes the ANA's commitment to educate marketers on top marketing trends, best practices and the key skillsets needed to help them successfully communicate their organization's message to their target audiences."

The ANA's unique marketing skills training is based on the latest thinking from the top marketers at ANA's 370 member companies. The course content is developed from the collaborative efforts of the ANA membership, including the 8,500 senior marketers who attend 80 ANA committee meetings and 20 national and regional ANA conferences annually. Faculty members consist of marketing practitioners who have honed their skills at leading ANA member companies such as Kraft, General Electric, Visa U.S.A. Inc. and IBM Corporation. Other teaching staff includes: subject matter experts in their field, current practitioners and/or the faculty of the nations top academic institutions such as Columbia University, New York University and University of South Carolina.

The ANA marketing training programs are small, dynamic training sessions, where participants learn via a variety of highly interactive approaches including hands-on demonstrations, group discussions, brainstorming, case studies, group projects and role playing. With a variety of approaches, many ANA members have used the program as their in-house marketing training facility. On-site and fully customizable, the ANA has also developed personalized courses for other members who are interested in training their staff with specific tools and resources that apply to their organizations.

The curriculum consists of two and one-day classes with an assortment of offerings, including core courses in media, branding, creative strategy and agency relations. The courses are designed to afford participants a unique peer-to-peer environment to exchange the very latest in marketing expertise. For 2007, the exciting new additions include:

  • Marketing Accountability: Course highlights the number one issue on senior marketer's minds and address the organization needs and features in managing brand equity, creating consumer insights, marketing measurement/ROI, managing the marketing supply chain, building marketing dashboards, understanding marketing finance, and creating cross-functional teams
  • Word of Mouth Marketing: Course offers insights on how marketers can get closer to their consumers by engaging their constituents in an experience and dialogue
  • Marketing Finance: Course provides a framework for analyzing the financial impact of marketing decisions in such areas as pricing, advertising and sales
  • Market Research: Course that facilitates the marketer's understanding and use of market research as a means to improve decision making both for risk reduction and opportunity identification
  • Marketing Plan Development: Course specifies the tactics that will transform a brand's strategy and teaches marketers the ins and outs of developing a market plan for the company's desired consumer action

The ANA training department specializes in the functional area of marketing with expertise that has been certified by the leading marketer association in the nation. For more information on marketing training programs, please visit /training.