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  • Brand Safety is Job One for The Guardian

    Champions of Growth   May 31, 2023  

    Luis Romero, SVP of Advertising for North America at The Guardian U.S., joins host Matthew Schwartz, to talk about a recent deal which will enable advertisers an unfiltered and fully transparent view of users.

  • Is Podcasting the Future of Branded Advertising?

    Champions of Growth   May 18, 2023  

    Bryan Barletta and Tom Webster, cofounders of Sounds Profitable, join host Matthew Schwartz to discuss their recent study that explores the growing opportunities for using podcasts as an advertising vehicle, the state of industry standards for podcasting, and why it’s a good idea for companies to develop their own podcasts as the business rapidly matures.

  • Every Company is a Media Company

    Champions of Growth   May 3, 2023  

    Saul Colt, founder of the Idea Integration Co., a Toronto-based agency specializing in comedic advertising, joins host Matthew Schwartz to talk about his “Laugh, Think, Cry” model, why every company is a media company, and the reason why CMOs and marketers shouldn’t be so quick to poo-poo marketing stunts.

  • Less and Less Daylight Between B2C Marketing and B2B Marketing?

    Champions of Growth   April 26, 2023  

    Richard Parkinson, chief brand officer at Prudential Financial, joins host Matthew Schwartz to talk about the company’s “Now What?” advertising campaign, why the brand has overhauled its marketing strategy in the last few years, and how the lines continue to blur between B2C and B2B marketing.

  • AB InBev Taps Into New Marketing Strategies

    Champions of Growth   April 10, 2023  

    Marcel Marcondes, global CMO at AB In Bev, joins host Matthew Schwartz to talk about how the beer company is tapping into new markets, why it ceased its exclusive advertising rights to the Super Bowl, and what the “sober curious” movement means for the owner of Budweiser, Stella Artois, and other popular brands.

  • How to Pump Up the Volume for Podcast Advertising

    Champions of Growth   March 20, 2023  

    Bryan Barletta, a partner at Sounds Profitable, joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss why analysts are lowballing the overall value of podcasting, how a downturn in the economy may affect the market, and why the industry has barely scratched the surface when it comes to ad creative.

  • The CMO Salary Slope

    Champions of Growth   March 7, 2023  

    Nicole Balsam with Eastward Partners joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the results of the research firm's U.S. CMO Market Report released in 2022. Balsam talks about the trendlines in CMO compensation and why the growing pressure on CMOs to bolster their digital capabilities transcends tenure.

  • Brand Love: The Heart of the Matter

    Champions of Growth   February 21, 2023  

    Aaron Ahuvia, author and professor of marketing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the contours of brand love and how companies should think about it when it comes to getting their message out and growing their audiences.

  • Community Powered Marketing Takes on New Currency

    Champions of Growth   February 13, 2023  

    Sue Frech, founder and CEO of Vesta, joins host Matthew Schwartz to talk about why community powered marketing could be the antidote to the demise of third-party cookies as well as the most effective way to refurbish customer loyalty programs that are getting long in the tooth.

  • Why Does Ageism Persist in Advertising?

    Champions of Growth   February 6, 2023  

    Despite dramatic and accelerating changes in aging and the rise of the so-called “Silver Economy,” brands seem stuck in time when it comes to engaging the 50-plus crowd. Michael Clinton joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss why ageism persists in marketing and advertising and what brand managers can do about it.

  • Looking Into Marketing Futures

    Champions of Growth   January 17, 2023  

    In a special episode of Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz sits down with his colleague Mike Berberich, host of the ANA’s Marketing Futures podcast, to talk about some of the major challenges facing CMOs and marketers in 2023 and beyond.

  • New Stage for B2B Advertising?

    Champions of Growth   January 9, 2023  

    Jim Habig, VP of Marketing at Linkedin Marketing Solutions, joins host Matthew Schwartz to talk about how B2B ad creative is changing, why there is less and less daylight between B2B and B2C marketing playbooks, and the kind of content B2B buyers are looking for when they go into purchasing mode.

  • What’s in Store for Marketers in 2023?

    Champions of Growth   December 8, 2022  

    Bob Liodice, CEO of the ANA, and Nick Primola, EVP of the ANA, join host Mathew Schwartz to discuss what’s in store for CMOs and marketers, from confronting the growing link between programmatic advertising and climate change to bolstering brand safety and grappling with a possible recession.

  • Breaking the B2B Sales and Marketing Stalemate

    Champions of Growth   November 15, 2022  

    Jeff Lowe and Jenna Pipchuk join Champions of Growth host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the painful but necessary decisions they made to create legitimate change for Smart Technologies' marketing strategy and provide some major takeaways for other B2B brands.

  • The Scary Truth About Being a CMO

    Champions of Growth   October 26, 2022  

    In a special Halloween-themed episode of Champions of Growth, Jonathan Copulsky, senior lecturer at Northwestern University, and former CMO at Deloitte, discusses what's spooking CMOs these days, why things may be getting worse, and what chief marketers can do to ease their fears.

  • What Does the New Normal Look Like for Marketers?

    Champions of Growth   October 19, 2022  

    A 2020 study conducted by Known, titled “The Human Condition 2020: Shock to the System,” found that just 13 percent of Americans believe things are going back to what they were like during the ”Before Times.” Ross Martin, president of marketing agency Known, stresses that brands and organization need to buckle up.

  • Major Growing Pains for Marketing Procurement

    Champions of Growth   October 17, 2022  

    Sherry Ulsh, director of indirect procurement at The Hershey Company, who oversees marketing procurement, provides several takeaways for how brand managers and procurement executives can bolster what can often be a complicated relationship.

  • Reversing the Decline in CMO Tenure

    Champions of Growth   September 20, 2022  

    In our latest episode of ANA Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz talks with Greg Welch, partner at executive search firm Spencer Stuart and founder of the company’s annual CMO Study, about how to reverse the downward trajectory in CMO tenure.

  • Back to Basics for Agency-Client Relations?

    Champions of Growth   September 13, 2022  

    In our latest episode of ANA Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz talks with Caroline Reed, founder and CEO of Creed Consulting, about how to improve agency-client relations and stem the growing tide of agency account reviews among brands and organizations of all stripes.

  • How Marketers Boost Their Appeal to Gen Z

    Champions of Growth   August 25, 2022  

    In our latest episode of ANA Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz talks with Mallory Russell, head of global content marketing at Square, about how brands and organizations cater to Gen Z. Russell also shares some key insights about what makes this increasingly influential generation tick.


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