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Privacy, Advocacy, and Self-Regulation

The industry is strengthened by a robust self-regulatory system and strong advocacy/government relations programs, like the ANA's, that mitigate competitive claims, steward responsible children's advertising, and help ensure the marketing industry is advanced, promoted, and protected against encumbering legislation.

Our ANA Center for Ethical Marketing offers a robust data accountability tool kit to ensure your marketing plans follow purposeful accountability standards and best practices while also boosting your brand reputation.

The Challenge

Numerous state and federal policies, as well as industry self-regulations, exist to protect the data privacy and security of consumers, but as concern and the amount of personal data available for collection and misuse grow, so does the need for a more standardized regulation.

The ANA’s Response

We are a founding member of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) self-regulatory program and, through the Privacy for America coalition, we are working for strong, pre-emptive federal privacy legislation that does not unduly complicate the national marketplace.

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Industry Insights

A Better, More Transparent Way Forward with Social Media

by Dr. Pardis Shafafi, 2 days ago

Facebook, Instagram, and the other traditional social media giants are past the apex of their popularity. To move forward effectively, marketers need to understand how we ended up here, and what people are seeking from their digital lives in 2024.


How to Use AI Responsibly in Marketing

by Chuck Kapelke, 5 days ago

Experimenting with generative AI should be controlled and guided by clear and transparent policies, which are sorely lacking. Only 22 percent of companies have generative AI policies, and only 21 percent have an AI ethics policy or responsible AI principles, according to a recent survey.

Industry Insights

The Evolution of Digital Marketing in the Era of AI

by Kelly Cutler, 1 week ago

As concerns over data security and consumer privacy continue to grow, marketers are confronted with a unique challenge: how to engage audiences effectively while respecting their privacy and remaining in compliance with regulatory legislation across geographies.

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