Best Practices to Strengthen Your Content Marketing 201 (Virtual Open Enrollment)

Content Marketing Mastery Program 201
(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

This workshop is the second part of the ANA’s Content Marketing Mastery Program, a four-part series designed to give you broad exposure to all facets and levels of Content Marketing.

Build your content marketing framework with best practices on buyer persona research, competitive content audits, mapping content to the buyers’ journey and using measurement to improve results. In this hands-on workshop, you learn how to make content marketing even more effective by addressing these four critical elements. Advance your content marketing to the next level, as you:

  • Develop buyer personas to gain insights into the how and why of buyers’ behavior. Identify the steps in the buyers’ journey, the information buyers seek, and the media preferences of prospects and buyers. Gain critical insights into buyers’ questions during carefully considered purchases and learn how to effectively address buying teams.
  • Learn to conduct a competitive content audit. Find out how well your content meets buyers’ needs during the buying journey. By performing a competitive content audit, you gain greater visibility into marketplace dynamics. An audit defines specific ways to outflank and outsmart your competitors.
  • Map content to the buyers’ journey. Be sure to offer all the content that buyers need to answer their critical questions at each step in the buying journey. Learn how the right content helps buyers advance smoothly through the sales process and helps them overcome obstacles and objections.
  • Continuously improve content through all-in analytics. Learn the process of how to improve content month after month with an all-in analytics review. Chart key metrics, develop and test hypotheses, and formulate experiments that enable you to better understand buyer behaviors and advance your content marketing results to the next level.

Target Audience

Marketing leaders, marketers, content creators and internal clients who have taken Content Marketing 101 and need a solid, strategic framework for content marketing.

Virtual Workshop Benefits

Improve marketing effectiveness by:

  • Assuring that you have the right content to address buyers’ needs at each step in the buying journey
  • Gaining insights into why and how buyers choose your brand, a competitor or the status quo.

Improve marketing efficiency by:

  • Auditing content competitively so you can identify white spaces and outsmart competitors
  • Understanding what buyers do behind the scenes as they make purchasing decisions
  • Building the content that buyers need to progress smoothly through the buying journey.

Improve marketing ROI by:

  • Using all-in analytics reviews to sharpen your content and continuously improve performance.

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George Stenitzer

George Stenitzer founded Crystal Clear Communications in 2014 to create inventive answers to marketing challenges. The Content Marketing Institute named George Content Marketer of the Year and BtoB magazine twice named him a Best Marketer.

A change agent, George helps clients build brands with breakthrough content. Previously, he was Tellabs’ vice president – marketing and communications. He also worked in Fortune 500 companies such as RR Donnelley and AT&T.

For the ANA, George leads Fast-Forward Your Content Marketing  workshops at four levels — Content Marketing 101, 201, 301 and 401. He served on the Advisory Board of the Business Marketing Association (BMA) and as president of the Chicago and St. Louis BMA chapters.

He blogs weekly, answering marketers' Top 100 Questions on content marketing. He tweets at @GeorgeStenitzer.