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Effective Brand Management Mastery Program

The ANA Marketing Training & Development Center’s Mastery Programs will help advance your marketing team in key disciplines by fulfilling strategic needs, sharpening skills, and putting ideas to work immediately.

Our Mastery Programs are designed to be flexible and fit your time and budget. These programs can be delivered over two full days or as a series of independent half-days.

Note: Each workshop in this Mastery Program can be conducted both in-person and virtually. In-Person and virtual workshop descriptions have separate web pages, which are linked below (In-Person/Virtual).


Developing Actionable Customer Insights (In Person) (Virtual)

  • Better understand and empathize with your customers
  • Improve the targeting of your campaigns and activations
  • Increase your chances of action from your customer


Building a Brand Management Framework (In Person) (Virtual)

  • Beat the competition with a more effective brand position
  • Increase the impact of your marketing campaigns
  • Pull customers in rather than pushing your message out

Integrated Marketing Planning for Effective Brand Management (In Person) (Virtual)

  • How to champion the voice of the customer across the organization
  • Techniques for making marketing dollars go further 
  • How to drive collaboration and greater focus with your teams

Integrated Marketing Execution for Effective Brand Management (In Person) (Virtual)

  • Ensure tactical execution is customer centric
  • Develop tactics that will work across multiple channels
  • Drive ROI with effective integrated marketing

Once you and your team complete all four parts of the Effective Brand Management Mastery Program, you’ll become highly proficient, even more strategic, and ready to apply new ideas to build a winning brand.

Download the full agenda here


  • Simon Bradley

    Simon is an international marketing leader with extensive client side experience with brands like Virgin Atlantic Airways, the New York Knicks, The Rockettes and Madison Square Garden. He is also an Adjunct Professor in Integrated Marketing at New York University.